Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Shadowgounds is a top down shooter which is not really a joy to play with 3D Vision out of the box because you cant zoom in , everything looks very (too) small.

The follwing may fix some of the convergence problems because it changes the game into 3rd /1st person view. You may not need the Helixmod Fix at all. (i did not, living with 2 small broken shaders the game ran quite good with the settings below.)

- Open Data1.fbz in gamefolder with 7 zip
- navigate to : Data\Misc\default_game_options.txt
- klick open (with any text editor)
- change values into values below
  camera_scrolly_enabled = 0
  camera_scrolly_amount = 50
  camera_scrolly_speed = 50

  camera_min_beta_angle = 10
  camera_max_beta_angle = 90
  camera_default_zoom = 10
    camera_default_zoom_player_inc = 10
  camera_default_fov = 60

  camera_autozoom_enabled = 0
  camera_autozoom_indoor = 0.0f
  camera_autozoom_outdoor = 0.0f
- click save in your text editor and store the file back with 7zip.

The follwing settings may only need to be changed when camera_autozoom_enabled = 1, which is the annoying auto-fade-off when using the zoom in keys, i turned this OFF so the camera will stay in position. 

- navigate to : Data\Missions\Common\camera_autozoom_area.dhs
- change values below

- click save in your text editor and store the file back with 7zip.

 ( these are the settings for camera angle behave, press ALT to move camera around with mouse )


- add Setting ID_0x701eb457 = 0x00000001 // MysteryStereoSetting to the Nvidia Profile
  (this lets you save settings with  STRG+F7)

- Run game

- ingame Press F8 (Console)
- enter externInclude developer:main (case sensitive !) - this enables zoom in and out with [keypad +-]
- ( it seems that this setting needs to be made only once. WARNING: Resetting ingame settings will reset console commands also))

- ingame settings (menu) :  turn FREE Camera ON ( Y-lock OFF )


- HUD:  (for taking Screenshots ect.)
- to hide HUD, press F8 and  enter : HideGUI
- to show HUD press F8 and enter : Show GUI

When using Zoom functions it can be difficult to aim enemies, setting :
  autoaim_horizontal = 1
  autoaim_vertical = 1
in: Data\Misc\default_game_options.txt (like above)

will help aiming.

The above settings change the game into a nice 3rd person shooter, with keypad [+-] you can zoom in and out ( 1st person up to whole area ), giving the player a much better 3D Vision experience. Unfortunatley there is no way to use the mouse or other keys for zooming in and out.

While zooming is enabled through the console command above, pressing non assigned keys can cause strange effects like ending up somewhere outside of the game. Be careful with that.

RJKole (2017)

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