Friday, February 2, 2018

DCS World 2.5

Hey Guys,

First Off this 3D Vision fix is Largly based of Lefuneste's work for DCS 1.5/2.2 fix he did some time ago..

Recently DCS released its long awaited 2.5. So I put together this little fix mainly based on a lot of Lefuneste Fix back a while ago.. Now some things are still broke Mainly Shadows most of them..

Main thing is to set the correct settings.. I will highlight the most important the rest you can set to what your CPU & GPU Can handle..

Set your Graphics setting and set the following Options:

1. Shadows= Off
2.Deffered shading- ON - to get the uber effects..
3. Terrain Object Shadow- OFF ( this is MOST Important to have OFF)

Also, for some reason this game does NOT run in "FULLSCREEN" by Default,, while it may look Fullscreen it is Actually running a "Borderless FullScreen".

Once in the 3D world hit "LEFTALT + ENTER" to go to FULLSCREEN so 3D can kick in..

Now I been up all night hashing this out and for now this is the best as it is going to get..

Now, for the fix and this is Largely Based of Lufeneste's Work for 1.5/2.0.. I just added a few thing I thought it needed and some things are still broke but not too bad..

I 7-Zipped the folder there is a DCS Profile in there you will need to add with NVidia Inspector.. So don't forget to delete the Original Digital Combat Black shark Profile in nVidia Inspector that has DCS.exe associated with it.. Then import the DCS.nip file with  nVidia Inspector..

There is a Hot Key for the UI/Labels which is Left Arrow key. the Main menu will be in Stereo but has two settings 1 to read the main menus and chat windows.

Hopefully this will be an improvement on what it was before the fix as the Shadows are really broke.

So without further ado here is the fix:


DCS 2.5 .7z

Here is where DCS World is nested:

C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World

Here is the EXE and where it is located:


C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin

If you need help or would like to see something added to this Guide Please leave a comment in the comment section..

Thank you to Lefuneste and all the modders that make 3D Migoto Possible..
Enjoy The_Nephilim


  1. There should be some mention of the game's name and screenshots, so ppl know what it's about if they did miss prev. fixes. It's a "free-to-play digital battlefield game and simulation environment." - 120GB for recommended systems? VR Support, yet it needs a 3D Fix? Anyway, thanks for that, may try it out some time.

  2. the games name is DCS World I added World.. screenshot also added.. VR and 3D vision are 2 different things.. 3D vision usually need a Migoto fix but VR Does not.. probally why this technology will die soon enough but it is still cool..

  3. the cool thing is that in airplanes simulators many users have TrackIR systems to easily move the character in the cockpit in a 6-axis views system. To use that and have 3D the only way is 3DVision, in addition you have much higher resolution and clearness of image using a monitor instead of a pixelled Oculus screen. And at the end, many people suffer motion sickness using VR so 3Dvision is the only way to avoid this, to continue playing the simulator in the traditional and relaxing way but without give up about 3D effect.

  4. Super génial merci !!!


  5. y a t il le moyen de cliquer le cockpit ?


  6. Is there a way to click the cockpit?


  7. Hello excuse my english is not I do not understand very well (So don't forget to delete the Digital Combat Black shark Profile that has DCS.exe associated with it.. Then import the DCS.nip file with Inspector..)I try many things but there is no change the shadows disturb me the sight

  8. @ Anonomous "1. Shadows= FLAT (best Compromise for now)
    2.Deffered shading- ON - to get the uber effects..
    3. Terrain Object Shadow- OFF ( this is MOST Important to have off)

    Shadows are Broke please adjust like I stated in the quotes..

    1. @Jean, What plane are you flying?? the Flaming Cliff 3 and Su-25T are NOT clickable the rest of the modules are though..

  9. I hav no clue as to what this is even about explain as to what this actually does would be very grateful

  10. Well basically this fixes DCS world 2.5.2. IF you are here then perhaps it is because you have a 3D Vision setup, these are 3D fixes for games in the HelixMod Blog.. IF you do not have a 3D vision setup nothing here is for you.. So do you own 3D vision gear like the 3D glasses and monitors??

  11. Can I ask you to send the original Digital Combat Black shark profile from Nvidia Inspector? I made a deposit but seemed to disappear and I could not find it. Thank you very much!

  12. you can reinstall your Drivers and it will redo all the profiles and bring any you deleted back.. May I ask why you want the Black Shark PRofile anyhow??

  13. Hi, Does this work with the latest version of DCS - the one that migrated from OpenBeta to the Release version on 2nd November? Thanks.

  14. Shadows and lights are still broken, flying by night with 3d vision is no more possible :( and now deferred shading is no more unselectable.

    I hope someone help us to fix 3dvision on DCS. I played years with it (when it was perfect on older versions) and i miss it a lot!!!!!