Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dishonored Death fo the Outsider (DX11)

Update 02-03 ** THANKS TO masterotaku:
- Update fix due game update
- Fixed blood (99% perfect).
- Improved bloom lens flares (when bloom is enabled).
- Fixed lots of minor haloing problems.
- Fixed lots of things that needed to be stereoized.
- Much better fix for lighting clipping. If there is some of it left, it will be rare and minor.
- clouds and moon lighting

  • F1: convergence presets. By default the game profile uses 0.5.
  • F2: HUD depth presets. By default screen depth. I prefer the fifth one, 0.92.
  • F3: HUD toggle.
  • F4: image sharpening toggle. Enabled by default.
  • F6: vignette toggle. Enabled by default. Press once to disable the normal effect. Press twice to also disable crouching vignette. Three times to enable it again.

I want to says THANKS to bo3b, for putting a lot of hours in refactoring 3Dmigoto so this game and others can load 3Dmigoto so a fix was possible, many many thanks!

- Shadows
- Lights
- Reflections
- Volumetric Lights (aprox. looks OK most of the time)
- Decals
- Lights Shaft and godrays
- HUD and Crosshair

TB and SBS Mode:
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle.

Know Issues:
- In one particular lights there are still some culling. Is minor.
- Some clouds/myst during night is in 2D...i can fix it, but introduce a mayor haloing in the entire screen. I can't separate the texture and also texture overrides don't work. Is minor.
- One texture of the blood decal is cutted. The rest of the texture of the blood and all decals are OK.
- When you load in to the main screen for the first time, there is a black texture that is in 2D...if you load a savegame and then return to the main menu is fixed..LOL.. don't know what the hell happens here.

- Disable DOF and Motion Blur
- Don't use Temporal AA

- "L" key to cycle Crosshair and HUD depth
- "K" key to toggle between gameplay and cinematic convergence
- "Xbox Left thumb + Right thumb" toggle between gameplay and cinematic convergence

- Extract where Dishonored_DO.exe is located (\Dishonored_DeathOfTheOutsider)
- Start the game, when "Rundll32" prompt appear, press "Yes" (in Win10 this don't appear). This is for the Profile Override needed for this game. In Nvidia overlay you will see "3Dfix by DHR".

Download (Updated Fix by masterotaku)

Download (Old Fix)

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  1. Million thanks DHR ! Working good !

  2. Wow!
    Huge thanks for all the hard work!