Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Killer Instinct

Warning: This fix is only for the STEAM version of the game. It will not work on the windows store.

Game was pretty decent out the box, but some issues still preventing it from being playable.
  • Improved HUD in 3D and pushed to depth.
  • Fixed character select screen so it's playable.
  • Made a work around for the shadow issue.
Unfortunately, Although I can push the shadow move effect to the correct depth it is tied to other important shader's. Whats worse is this also has some really ugly transparency type effect that's totally broken in 3D making the game unplayable. Weirdly enough, the effect does not appear when the game is in 2D at all.

It also cannot seem to be disabled which would have been perfect since there is still graphics representation of the purple effect at correct depth but doing so creates an issue where after the move completes the characters blur all over the screen in a multiverse mirrored blur. (actually it's kinda trippy.)

To work around this I output the shadow move effect to 0. This resolve's the issue but instead blacks out the background. After spending some time playing the game, I have decided it doesn't really effect game-play as there are actually similar presentation features that the game has for combo ender animations and the like, which are similar with a virtually black background. If I find a better solution I will update.

UI changed to fixed depth because causing complications when set to any other level.

7/06/2018: re-uploaded for 3d fix manager compatibility.

Remaining Issues.
The shadow campaign has some issues with unstable Text. These where already in stereo by default but incorrect. Also are tied to other important shaders so have made a compromise for now.


Download the archive Here
Extract to the killer instinct game directory in STEAM along side the KillerInstinctX64_r.exe 

Low convergence setting for character intros and cut-scenes set to Left Trigger.

Thanks to the entire 3Dmigoto and Helixmod team, and all the shaderhackers that make games enjoyable for those of us with two eyes.


  1. Hi,

    Nice job on this fix!

    Just added it to 3D Fix Manager but the rar archive seems to be problematic for uncompressing somehow for included sharpcompress. Could you please reupload as .zip file? Thanks!

  2. Updated, let me know if there are any problems this time. used 7z zip to package.

  3. Thank you! Works perfectly now.

    1. No problem. And thank you for your work on the 3D fix manager. I have begun to use it a lot more frequently if only at this stage for the registry control and other similar features, it's evolving into a very nice piece of software for 3dvision users.