Monday, November 30, 2020

City Of Brass - 3D-Vision-Ready-Fix - V1.0


City Of Brass - 3D-Vision-Ready-Fix - V1.0

— Created and assembled by Losti —
 Made with and for the 3D-Vision Community 
ALSO 3DFM and HELIX-VISION usersPlease READ section "1. INITIAL-Setup" 


Infos for 3DFM/HelixVision Team:

Relative game EXE path: …\COB\Binaries\Win64
Config folder path: …\AppData\Local\COB\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
Starting executable: COB-Win64-Shipping.exe

Optional donation:

Please respect the work behind this fix, this fix would probably not have appeared WITHOUT the work of the mans behind the scene. Donations for to show appreciation and provide funding towards future game fixes:

- Masterotaku: (PayPal)
- DHR:
- DarkStarSword: or support
- DJ-RK:


  • DSS/Bo3B/Chiri: 3D-Migoto, the base for ALL the fixes you see here!!
  • Masterotaku: perfect reflection fix, and many many help on demand!
  • DSS: AutoConvergence/AutoDepth HUD/UI Scripts
  • DJ-RK: AutoConvergence formula for UNREAL-ENGINE 4, dynamic light fix, some decals
  • DHR: basic objects, reflections, light, shadow fixes, halos, decals
  • Losti: AA/AO and smooth over frame fixs, several fixes to light/shadows/reflections, Clipping-fixes, testing and assambling THIS ONE working for this game


How to make make things working:

PLEASE ENSURE you are using a 3D-Vision-SUITIBLE Driver SetupTo proove or achieve, I suggest reading + using this:

1. INITIAL-Setup (only needed once):

  • INSTALL the fix with 3DFM
  • or download it from below and EXTRACT the archives files to the game install folder: ...\COB\Binaries\Win64
  • START "00_UE4-UniversalFix-2_Config.cmd" located in  ...\COB\Binaries\Win64
  • READ/FOLLOW all the things in the tool
  • ONCE if you have entered the Config-Tool Quick-Start Menu, JUST close it
  • Please read/follow the section below ("Starting the game and Ingame Setup")

2. Starting the Game and Ingame-Setup:

- START the game via 3DFM, or via launcher/shortcut/game-executable

    • you may need to wait up to 15 min if you run the game for the first time!
    • The game may have HUGE INPUT LAGS the first time and while loading (NEW) areas (because of shader caching) ....its getting better the more you play.

    - Set FULLSCREEN in the game options.

      • If 3D will not work, try ALT+ENTER and ALT+ENTER again, or STRG+T
      • If 3D still not work, read the FAQs from the link below

      - USE HIGHEST available Anti-Aliasing settings

        • The fix sets AA and AO as good as suitible for 3D-Vision.
        • Any lower AA settings MAY can make your image grissly, but its up to you!

        - Additional In-Game Settings:

          • nothing special, everything is up to you!

          3. Key Assignments in the Game:

          - All key-options are shown in the On-Screen-Display in game
          - PLEASE RAD THIS for get an idea how AUTO-DEPTH-HUD works and can be made game-individually cool: Adaptation option for the automatic depth of the HUD / UI
          • F2                                        On-Screen-Help (OFF/ON)
          • NUMPAD -                         toggle low convergence (ON/OFF)
          • RBUTTON (Mouse)           lowers convergence for aiming (on key-hold) - by 0% (use 00_UE4-UniversalFix-2_Config.cmd for change)
          • XB_LEFT_TRIGGER      lowers convergence for aiming (on key-hold) - by 0% (use 00_UE4-UniversalFix-2_Config.cmd for change)

          4. Problems? Read FAQ here:

          UNREAL Engine 4 – Universal Fix 2

          - Still have problems??
            • PLEASE provide detailed information about the ERROR you got, as well as information about your hard (GPU) and software (driver/windows version) setup
            • PLEASE provide a save-game and an instrcution to see your problem there to / Discord or @ a MTBS thread


            5. Download:


            1. Hi Losti!

              Thx for this great fix! This is a very funny game! I found a way how to automatically enable 3D without switching between fullscreen and windowed mode manually all the time.

              I've automated this in 3D Fix Manager. When launching the game 3D Fix Manager edits %LOCALAPPDATA%\COB\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini to make the game start in windowed mode. When it has loaded to the main menu the game automatically overrides the configuration file and switches back to fullscreen mode. All you have to do is to set the game to fullscren mode in the graphics settings once and start the game via 3D Fix Manager. 3D will always automatically kick in then. However I'm not sure if this works for other people? Maybe you like testing this? I've just published a fix profile for City of Brass.

            2. Just tested this with the free version from Epic Game Store, and it doesn't appear to be working. The Fullscreen is working and 3D engages, but the fix does not seem to match the version of the game in EGS. Or possibly an update. (I don't have Steam version, so cannot test that, but SteamDB says the context was updated about 4 months ago.)

              1. For you my friend I will update this shit :-)

              2. OK i have tanken some time to make an update here .-) Should be working fine now again!

              3. Hah! Wicked! Thanks for fixing this. I'm going through all the games that are in HelixMod that might work in HelixVision, so I'm adding this in. I'm also updating the 3D Fix Manager entries that it's automatically picked up.

                Updated 2.0 fix works like a champ, thanks.

            3. thanks. this fix got me back in the game