Thursday, March 28, 2019

DiRT Rally 2.0 - 3D-VisionReadyFix - Losti - V1.0

DiRT Rally 2.0 - 3D-VisionReadyFix - Losti - V1.0

***This fix was made by Losti***

---------LATEST official 3D-Vision-Geforce Driver: 425.31----------
You can install 3D-Vision for the lates driver using this Method discriped here:

Optional donation:

If you like the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate here:

Special Thx goes to:

DarkStarSword  - for everything you did for this small but nice 3D-Community and of cause your personal support!!!
masterotaku      - for guiding me with his knowledge and be present all the time for my questions!!!! THY MATE!!!!

--- ~20 hrs time of development later ---                      

Latest Update: V1.00 - 28.03.2019
3D-Vision-Ready Release 

1.  Fixed

- HUD (Losti)
- Shadows (Losti)
- Smoke and Dust (Losti)

2.  Issues left

- some hands on for you for the HUD (see key settings)
- lesn flairs @ screen depth

You have other issues? --- please privide a screenshot and a savegame to

3.  Download

4.  Introduction to get it working

- uninstall old fixes!!! ... if you have used a WIP or updating to the latest fix if there is an update
- install the latest NVIDIA driver (latest confirmed working driver: 419.17) -- Game patch 1.2.1
- extract the archive to the root game directory
- if you have troubles, please make sure you clean install the fix/game or and the graphic driver (use DDU for the driver cleanup)

==> if you have any trouble or issues you cannot solve please do not hesitate to contact me via my PayPal donation address, or in the 3D-Vision-Forum

4.1  Ingame Settings

- Everything you want (I think) .... developed with maxed out settings

- do NOT use MSAA (CSAA = MAXIMUM!!!)
- do NOT use TAA
- disable motion blure

5.  Key Settings

5.1  Key Settings (Keyboard + Mouse Gameplay)

-  this is a cycle key
-  cycle between menu-depth and driving depth for the HUD

-  this is a cycle key
-  more or less HUD-Depth for you -- adapt HUD-Depth to your likes

 this is a toggle key
- on/off for some strange effect with the shadows if your care is broken (dont know if its necessary)

5.2  Key Settings (Controller Gameplay)

-  this is a cycle key
-  cycle between menu-depth and driving depth for the HUD

-  this is a cycle key
-  more or less HUD-Depth for you -- adapt HUD-Depth to your likes

6.  Key Setting - Customization

----only for more advanced users---

If you don’t like the settings the fix comes with, you have to find your own likes:
- to watch your current convergence/separation set hunting=1 in d3d11.ini
- change constants/settings/keys and check the result in game by pressing F10

6.1  3Dmigoto - Constants

----only for more advanced users---

- the fix comes with the following default constant settings:

x = 0.3

;;;HUD depth adjustment
x1 = 1.0

;strange thing disable enable


6.2  Advanced Key Config

----only for more advanced users---

You can define keys in [Constants] section with:

Key = KEY 

- for choosing a key look here for replace KEY with it (
- replace CONSTANTX with the constants written above
- replace XXX with a value, see above
- replace SEPXX with a separation value, leave it = the separation you choose by STRG+F3/4, no changes, 100 = 100%
- replace CONVXX with a convergence value, leave it = the convergence you choose by STRG+F5/6, no changes

Key Press Types:
- type = hold ==> only active while holding this key
- type = toggle ==> enable/disable this setting
- type = cycle ==> cycles the settings via this key, e.g. SEPARATION = 100, 50 will cycle between 100% and 50% separation pressing this key
--if you have more settings you need to define it for every cycle step:
--means: if you want to change separation and you want to use the same constant for both settings use:
- no definition = settings set on ON once pressed the key

You can also change any existing key definitions changing the key behind key = in the d3dx.ini .... if you like the setting but want another key for it.


THANK you DSS for being on this earth :-)
- THANK you masterotaku for being on this earth :-)
- Big thanks to Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others involved in creating 3DMigoto; an amazing wrapper that allows us to fix our favorite DX11 games in 3D Vision!
NVIDIA for creating 3D-Vision as a tech!


  1. Many thanks!-donation done, 3D now is working good, only annotation the frame rate is set always on the 50/60...ish.

    1. But this is a thing coming from the game. Its also limitid to 60 fps in 2D without migoto. But hey, who needs more than 60 FPS :-)

    2. Ok good to know :) much better now in 3D, thanks.

  2. Thanks so much Losti, great fix working fine, driver 419.67

  3. Awesome...THANK YOU alot Losti!!!!!
    Sorry for not donating atm...i'm unemployed..and 1 dollar here is 4x our currency(I'll be playing the pirated version, when I play, unfortunately)

  4. Been trying to make this work in SBS with no luck, game starts, SBS is working but I can see the HDMI Checkerboard separation on the image and looks like .... well, you know. Most of the games do not show the checkerboard so it seems something is wrong with the SBS conversion maybe ? Not really good at this sorry.

  5. Hi Losti. Thanks for your great work but Im having trouble with SBS mode on 3dtv play setup with this and a few other profiles lately, where the colour pallet is all wrong when enabling SBS. Works properly in 3dtv mode though. Any ideas, Ive tried everything.

    1. Check the forums for this. There are a couple of posts where people have had color changes. I don't recall the details, but it seemed like they fixed it by alt-tab out, and/or changing frustum with ctrl-F11.

  6. I have no idea about SBS. I dont Change anything here in migoto. May you should ask in the forum for help.

  7. Does this still works?
    When I extract it to the dirt 2 folder I does nothing when the game starts. It actually makes the light on the ir emitter turn off.

  8. It appears the download link to the fix is broken

    1. I was going to say it might be worth trying the Universal fix instead, but it also seems missing?

    2. Has anyone gotten this to work with Geo-11?