Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Resident Evil 2

3D Vision and geo-11 fix for Resident Evil 2. Many thanks to everyone that helped with testing, fixing and counseling (Helifax, DarkStarSword, Schwing, Kaimasta, etc).

Update (2023-02-02): added geo-11 fix. Fixed TAA (including the temporal part of reflections), motion blur and interlaced mode in a more proper way. Fixed volumetric lighting clipping. Configured autoconvergence. HUD adjustments. Fixed a lot of other minor problems. Stereoized vignette (if you enable the effect). Autoconvergence replaced with the one done by geo-11.

Update (2022-01-11): fixed TAA and interlaced mode, added more sharpening presets, fixed lens flares, improved radial blur, stereoized more specular reflections, optimized regexes, and fixed some fog related to volumetric lighting. Implemented autoconvergence using the same method DJ-RK used for RE3.

Update (2019-12-21): fixed volumetric lighting. Flashlight cone lighting is at full depth to avoid some problems. Some glass now has realistic depth for reflections.

Incredibly small update (2019-03-30): changed one regex to catch a shader that appears if you use "UseOptimizeShader=Disable", which you don't need to.

Small update (2019-03-29): regexes changed in a way to avoid possible conflicts. If shadows were perfect for you, you may not need this.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE (2019-03-27): it's important to redownload the fix. With the 3Dmigoto 1.3.16 version, this update fixes stability issues, convergence issues, lets you use "UseVendorExtention=Enable" and also let me fix all particles in the game.

- Shadows.
- Lighting.
- Particles (rain, sparks, smoke, etc).
- Specular reflections.
- Screen space reflections.
- Mirrors.
- Skybox.
- Dynamic HUD with three settings.
- Blood and similar effects.
- Lighting clipping.
- Volumetric lighting and its clipping.
- Temporal anti-aliasing.
- Interlaced mode.
- Motion blur.
- Autoconvergence configured. When not using it, automatic low convergence for cutscenes can be used.

Known issues
- With the geo-11 fix, HBAO+ is currently broken. Use any other ambient occlusion setting instead.

- geo-11 (with build v0.6.109): download this file and extract its contents in the "RESIDENT EVIL 2  BIOHAZARD RE2" folder, where "re2.exe" is. Remember to edit "d3dxdm.ini" to change your "direct_mode" to the output you need. It's sbs by default. For 3D Vision monitors, "direct_mode = nvidia_dx11" works in fullscreen, but "nvidia_dx9" doesn't work.
- (Older fix for 3D Vision. Don't use): download this file and extract its contents in the "RESIDENT EVIL 2  BIOHAZARD RE2" folder, where "re2.exe" is.
IMPORTANT: you need to be on the "dx11_non-rt" Steam branch, to have DX11 as an option.
IMPORTANT: in the game folder, open "re2_config.ini" and set "TargetPlatform=DirectX11", or just choose DirectX 11 ingame.
- Launch the game and let it overwrite the profile.

- For screen space reflections to be perfect, your internal resolution can't be lower than 60% of your output resolution. That means that you shouldn't use a render scale of 50% nor a bit higher scale combined with interlacing.

Autoconvergence instructions
-Enabled by default, they can be disabled by pressing the "0" key (not from the numpad) or the two stick buttons at the same time.
- Do not use interlaced mode. It makes autoconvergence not work. Also don't use "uncommon" resolutions and aspect ratios lower than 16:9.
-Do not try adjusting the convergence via the Nvidia convergence + or - keys with autoconvergence enabled. Doing so will lock the convergence either REALLY high or really low. If you encounter this, easiest solution is to press CTRL + ALT + F10 to reset the saved user settings. This only happened with the old autoconvergence.
-If you do not wish to use autoconvergence, and insted you want to use the old style (that uses presets to set the convergence statically to low during cutscene, and higher during gameplay) you can do so by first disabling autoconvergence, and then making sure the scene based convergence presets via pressing "9" (not from the numpad) is enabled (it is by default). You'll need to make a convergence change (unless it's a cutscene) if you're using TAA or motion blur after you disable autoconvergence, for things to be clear.

ctrl+shift+H: this displays help text with the hotkeys.
F1: convergence presets. They can only be used when you disable automatic convergence.
F2: HUD depth presets, when dynamic HUD is disabled or for menus and other static elements.
F3: HUD toggle. Not disabled by default.
F4: image sharpening presets (0%, 50%, 100%, 150%, 200%, 300%). 0% by default.
F5: vignette toggle. Disabled by default.
. (period): dynamic HUD presets. By default all HUD takes the calculated depth of the center of the screen. Press once so each vertex has its own depth. Press twice to make the HUD static. Press three times to go back to default.
F11: something about Nvidia Surround. Ask Helifax on the forums.
0 (not the numpad): this toggles automatic convergence off. Then you can use the "F1" hotkey for static presets.
9 (not the numpad): this toggles on the old cutscene detection that triggers a low convergence preset.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:
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  1. Not working for me, its like it doesn't even detect that the fix is installed. Looks the same with or without, not even the hotkeys work.

    Im on win7 and 418.91.
    Maybe CM Unleashed did something to the profile or that wouldn't affect at all?

    1. Is the game running in DirectX11 for sure?

      I heard Windows 7 has problems with the current 3Dmigoto build that I'm using.

      I suggest using Windows 10 or finding a 3Dmigoto version that works (I think someone mentioned it in the forums). But the screen space reflections fix won't work correctly.

    2. It's very unlikely to be a problem with 3Dmigoto and Win7, that's a much simpler runtime environment, and it's super unlikely to be broken. Please don't suggest this sort of thing, unless you know for sure, because it breaks people's confidence in the tool. If you know for sure, file a bug report on github. BTW, brilliant work on this game fix, spectacular results.

      Profile changes would not break hotkeys from working. Could break the 3D fix, but not super likely.

      Most likely answer is that the user installed it in the wrong folder. No hotkeys means that nothing loaded. To tell for sure, set calls=1 to enable logging, and look for d3d11_log.txt. If it's already supported by 3DFM, use that to avoid errors.

    3. The same happens to me. The re2_3dmigoto message appears in green at bottom right, but it seems nothing works. No hotkeys and lights rendered just in one eye. I'm not complaining about hard work of this community. I've used many of your 3d fixes. I'm just posting to argue that maybe it could be related to pi***ed versions of the game? Mine is like that (for now), and maybe this is too for the user above.
      Of course I'm not asking that this shoukld work with pir**ed copies of the game, just clarifying that maybe this is the reason why the fix doesn't work for us.

    4. That message in lower right is not 3Dmigoto, that is the NVidia driver putting that up. Ours are always centered or on left side now.

      That and no hotkeys suggests that it did not install properly at all, wrong directory maybe. Could be something with the pirated version blocking loading of d3d11.dll. Even if you get a pirated version working, it's unlikely to look correct, because the version will be different, and the shaders different.

    5. Just tested this on Win7, Driver 417.35, evil update installed, i7-6700K, GTX 980, and it was working perfectly. Image is fully fixed and 3D Vision Ready. Hotkeys all work. Performance is good.

      This is latest version that includes 3Dmigoto 1.3.16.

    6. I can do some further test in my rig. For me the 1.3.x don't work in this game (but work in DMC5)....i use win7, driver 419.35...i will check if i have the evil update installed (don't remember), and using the steam version of the game. Also i have a RTX 2080, i don't know if this change something....i can DDU my driver just in case.

    7. i just DDU using the last DDU ( the 419.35 driver and now 3Dmigoto 1.3.16 works in RE2....LOL
      When i upgrade from my GTX980 to my RTX2080 i use an old version of DDU.....maybe some residual stuff...i don't know....but now is working.

    8. Yeah, the issue was due to a cracked game version, I solved it by finding update 2 and denuvoless .exe file which fixed the 3d vision for me. Fix looks great btw, thank you guys for your efforts.

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  3. Thanks and donated.

  4. Thank you very much as usual. btw I think this fix can also work for Devil may cry 5 as they use the same graphics engine

  5. I can't use Xinput Plus with this...

  6. Man...I didn't played the game yet....but thanks a lot for the fix, AND update Mr otaku!!!

  7. I can't get this to work, this was linked from PCMod Wiki. I extracted the files to the re2 directory, booted it up and it made a beeping noise, changed the setting to dx11 in game then restarted, loaded up a save and pressed all the hotkeys and nothing happened.

    Running on windows 10, steam version, used a hex editor to remove vignette and a patcher to remove sharpening (which did not work). Will try veryfying the game files to get defaults back and see if that fixes it but as of right now it doesn't work :(

    1. Update: So I verified the files and it turns out one of those fixes DID mess it up cuz as soon as I loaded it up and when it I could use the hotkeys immediately. So as a not to anyone that comes her and is already using a fix like Jackfuste or RE2_release_diable_shaprening remove them/verify the files and then install this. everything should work then.

    2. Good to know, thanks for the update.

  8. Is this likely to work with RE3 on release or will it require an update? RE3 is looking to be identical engine and graphical wise, and unless it happens to include an option for sharpening this time, I would love to use this mod day one.

    1. Unlikely, but not impossible. Depends upon whether the engine is exactly the same or they tweak it. Typically the engine is tweaked and thus the shader hash codes change and break the fix. But if the game is on the same engine, it's usually a relatively small task to rehunt the shaders in question and update the hash codes. Of course, someone needs to actually spend the time to do that, it's just not as hard as making the original fix.

  9. Seems that the SSR fix is not working anymore with the latest version of the game.

    1. It's working for me (I've tested it right now), and none of the updates broke that. Can you show me your full ingame settings so I can try them?

    2. Here:

      Also, now that RE3R is out and tested it out, it's very similar to RE2R, so perhaps most of these fixes will work for that too after some tweaks?

    3. I'll test your settings today.
      About RE3, I'm downloading the demo and I'm going to fix it this weekend (it has broken geometry that requires different fixes per game). I also preordered RE3 some time ago, so I'll start fixing the game right after it's released.

    4. Gotcha, I did try the demo too and it had the same issues as RE2R had. SSR is still broken, and there is the need to remove the Vignette and fix the zombie animation framerate at distance. Also, it could be that it's possible to fix those certain gore downgrades to restore the same gore system that RE2R had. Hopefully you can make those work over the time, propaby not possible for the release immediately.

    5. I narrowed it down:
      - Don't use TAA. It's broken in 3D.
      - Use HDAO or HBAO+ for ambient occlusion. Because SSAO or your setting (Set Areas Only) causes broken shadows.

    6. Didn't work, it's still broken. I'll try to verify the files and reinstall the mod.

    7. That didn't work either, damn.

  10. Hi, great work with the fix! I was wondering how I can keep the sharpening enabled so that I don't have to enable it by using the toggle key each time I start the game, thank you.!

    1. You can, edit the d3dx.ini file, and find the settings for the F4 sharpening key. You can change the default.

  11. Also seems to work with the demo.

  12. Sorry to ask this on the wrong page, but is there a 3D fix for Resident Evil 1 (remastered 2015 version) ? Or is it unfixable due to a mix of in-game 3D models over 2D renders?

    1. IIRC RE1 is unfixable because it uses 2D backdrops for every scene. Might be able to find info searching the old nvidia forums.

  13. Thanks, Bo3b. I saw one comment from a masterokatu on nvidia forums about a possible fix, but downloading and adding the shaders didn't work (probably me not knowing which exact folder to put them in). From his comments it also seemed to be a wip

  14. Does anyone the last updated version of this mod? I see a link in one of the comments that was done after the official link was updated, but the link no longer works.

    1. The version linked in this blog post is the last one. I always overwrite the same file when I update it.
      I may do a small update in the future to include DJ-RK's autoconvergence code that I already used in RE3, however.

  15. Congrats for the amazing fix!! Been pooping my pants every day! ;)

  16. Not working for me,

    1- Game works fine in 2D

    2- The game does not appear in the 3D fix manager even if I pinpoint the game folder,

    3- I installed the fix manually,

    4- Getting a Fatal Application Exit "reeingine/gitroot/runtime/modules/render/os/renderdevicedx11.cpp" 5445 create vertex shader failed. HRESULT=0x887a0005. GPU instance suspended. Use GetDeviceRemovedReason to determine appropriate action"

    5- I do see that 3D is working for 1-2 seconds before the game crashes,

    I7- 4790k
    16GB Ram DDR3

    Thanks for the help,

    1. This game and all other RE Engine games need the "global hack" to be enabled. The easiest way is using 3D Fix Manager for that.

    2. I've got Steam version, and it is found by 3DFM/HelixVision without any problems. What version are you using?

    3. Physical copy,

      3D Fix manager doesn't detect the game, so how can I "global hack" the game manually ?

    4. In the Settings you can find the switch to enable the global hack, which will then show up in the top right corner below the 3D enable button.

      You can Edit the profile, lower left, and change the paths under Install3DFix to match the game installation. The CustomRoot can specify a full path to the game exe directory and will always work.

    5. It worked !

      Awesome thank you so much !

  17. Everything is working fine here, THANK YOU MASTER for this fix, game looks incredible!!! Only thing is that i DO NOT HAVE to start the game via re2.exe than it freezes, i need to start it with steam, not directly via exe.

  18. Rivatuner on screen display is not showing, is there a solution?

  19. Appreciate the fix, why 7z though?

  20. Thank you for the great uodate game is almoust perfect however i have some strange image shaking but only in inventory screen(no problem in RE3 game)and I would like to know how to change image sharpening presets pernamently as i have to change each time i run the game and pres F4 to get 300%

  21. guess it's the game, this one's 3D effect isn't that good. (RE3 remake is spectacular though) .Bigscreen VR tab a bit better than in 3D surround.

  22. Hi there and thanks for all the hard work!
    After years of not using 3Dvision, I used 3DFix Manager to get it up and running again.
    I just have one strange issue with all of the Resident Evil Games I tested (so I guess it is related to the engine):

    With 3D enabled, I get the game footage on the left eye, and the map on the right. It is very weird.
    Which is even more annoying: Some icons, such as the arrow that appears over item chests in save rooms, leave trails when moving the camera. So you can basically "paint" and fill the whole screen. Hard to describe...

    Basically, all of the tested Resident Evils behave the same and all are therefore unplayable for me.

    Any ideas?

    I installed all of the drivers via 3DFix Manager.

    Thanks a lot :)

  23. Hi! Just wanted to if the TAA fixes can be used without enabling 3D. Are they compatible with normal view?