Saturday, August 17, 2019

Dragon Ball FighterZ

3D Vision and geo-11 fix for Dragon Ball FighterZ. This uses the UE4 universal fix as the base (thanks to currently Losti and originally DHR).

Update (2022-07-03): added geo-11 fix.
Update (2022-02-27): fix updated to the latest UE4 universal fix at this date (7.69). Fixed a few remaining effects related to water and some lighting in the cave stage. Tweaked the ini files to get the best working (to me) autoconvergence. I have removed some old functionality like automatic convergence presets, in favor of using autoconvergence. I have also removed some hotkeys of mine because the same thing can be done with universal fix hotkeys.

Fixed (compared to the universal fix)
- Depth added to some screen depth effects.
- Fixed some effects related to water and some lighting.
- Tweaked autoconvergence to react faster than usual to scene changes, and allowing a bigger range of convergence values.
- Extra hotkeys.

Known issues
- The game can't be played online with EAC.

- geo-11 (with build 0.6.15): download this file and extract its contents in the "DRAGON BALL FighterZ\RED\Binaries\Win64" folder, where "RED-Win64-Shipping.exe" is. Remember to edit "d3dxdm.ini" to change your "direct_mode" to the output you need.
- 3D Vision: download this file and extract its contents in the "DRAGON BALL FighterZ\RED\Binaries\Win64" folder, where "RED-Win64-Shipping.exe" is.
- Make a shortcut to the game exe ending in " -eac-nop-loaded" (no quotes). This will disable EAC. You can enter online rooms but you can't fight real people.
- Run the game and let it overwrite the Nvidia profile when asked. Make sure you play in exclusive fullscreen.

Hotkeys (numbers aren't from the numpad)
Lots of them: hotkeys from the universal fix.
F4: cel shading toggle, of the post processing type (models can still have some thin lines). Not disabled by default.
F5: FXAA toggle. Disabled by default (in geo-11).
F6: bloom presets (x0, x0.8, x0.9, x0.95, x1). x1 by default.
2: multiple black and white color modes, that only affect ingame graphics (not the HUD). Try them for a more manga-like feel. Not used by default.

- (3D Vision) I recommend disabling FXAA (F5 key). It makes the graphics too blurry for my taste. Already disabled by default in the geo-11 fix.
- (3D Vision) If you need to tweak anything related to the universal fix, you should run "00_UE4-UniversalFix-2_Config.cmd" to reenable the overlay that will show the hotkeys (not the few made by me) and their state.

If for some reason you need an older 3D Vision version, it's here.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:
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  1. Your fix is beautiful! Thank you!

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  3. This is looking phenomal.I love dragon ball and this is the best game that i ever play.3d is on the Super Saiyan level ;-)