Monday, November 28, 2022

The Riftbreaker (DX11)

Geo-11 3D Vision DX11 Fix

What This Does:
- Fixes shadows, lights, reflections and haloing issues
- Adds an auto-convergence feature for the inventory and some menu screens
- Places the HUD and UI (including mouse cursor) at a fixed depth. The depth can be changed in the "d3dxdm.ini" file

1) Download this ZIP file and extract it into the directory"..\The Riftbreaker\bin\ "
2) Run the game with "Launcher.exe" (inside the directory "..\The Riftbreaker\bin\").
3) Ensure "Render system" is set to "DirectX 11"
4) When in-game, set "Anti-aliasing" to "TXAA" or "off"

Geo-3D Settings:
- Open the "d3dxdm.ini" file and set "direct_mode" to your preferred setting (SBS by default)
- If using "nvidia_dx9", set "full_screen=1" and in the game settings, set Full Screen to "Full Screen"

Additional Notes:
- I'm unable to get the direct mode "nvidia_dx11" working for this game
- Sometimes, When using "nvidia_dx9", the game will crash to desktop when you first try to run the game.
- Sometimes, the "Render system" setting will change back to "DirectX 12" for some unknown reason. So it's recommended to always start the game using "launcher.exe"
- I haven't beaten this game yet. So I'm not sure if there are any other issues.
- Big thanks to davegl1234 for developing Geo-11! For more info regarding Geo-11, see this post.


  1. Wow, I was not expected this! I tried the demo in fake 3D months ago and liked it a lot.
    Thank you very much, 4everAwake, it will be a pleasure to play this in 3D!

  2. DX9 output works perfectly.

  3. Hey 4everAwake, hope you're well! Just FYI, I think the last update/DLC included some tweaks to the engine/shaders, and the shadows are broken now.

  4. Recent updates have broken a few things. I have simply disabled 6 problem shaders in 4everAwake 's fix. The updated files are here. All credit to 4everAwake :)