Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Devil May Cry 4[DX9]



Update: Convergence will AUTOMATICALLY change depending on gameplay/cinematics[Like Witcher 2]
Fixed: Shadows(Profile), Effects, Water 
Removed: 2D Light rays[Does not effect lighting] 
Issues Remaining:  Minor

To change cinematic depth/convergence. Click F3 then adjust, save with F7
To change gameplay depth/convergence. Click F4 then adjust, save with F7
Gameplay preset will not be active till AFTER the tutorial
[You may need to relaunch game once for new settings to apply. If you wish to change/disable/have a question about this feature read this GUIDE]

Its kind of weird playing Devil May Cry 4 after DMC. Don't get me wrong DMC is better but Devil May Cry 4 actually looks visually better which is just weird since the massive age difference. This is oddly one of the best looking Capcom game I've seen. See my full review on blog post HERE

Rename the DevilMayCry4_DX9.exe to SFTK.EXE
Use nvidia inspector and remove DevilMayCry4_DX9.exe from devilmaycry4 profile. Add to STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN Profile.
Install to.. Main directory (devil may cry 4)   
SLI Version

Non-SLI Version

Recommended Settings
Disable auto targetting lock-on circles
Make sure you set all three graphical options to SUPER HIGH which is a weird name for highest settings.
If you like this fix I accept Paypal Donations at EQZITARA@YAHOO.COM or my PATREON.
Please keep in mind I am only one person at helixmod and all donations will go only towards myself.
Thank you for your support.


  1. If anyones reading this and confused, I took down the old post(was gonna do all capcom games in same post). Post is cluttered as is... so yea not gonna work.

  2. hi, the profile works very good for me except for the webs who appears to close an area when it is full of monsters, they seems to be remove, i can see them in perfect 3d in cut scene (when you kill all the monsters and when the web broke). is that normal ? thanks

    1. Ur right, probably something I did near the end. I will look at it. later today.

    2. By any chance did you get that clipping at all? I was able to remove it almost entirely with above method(no more frustum). But every few minutes or so Id still see a little bit of it. Not enough to use frustum.I really want to figure this out, Ive had this happen in a few games. Some people have had it happen to them and its really random and some the people it happens to are in different games. Like I can play one fine, but not the other but vice versa for some one else.

      Mind doing this questionnaire?
      Either way can you tell me if you do have clipping?(yes/no)
      IF YES, Did above methods fix it?
      What is your video cards specs(Card Brand @ SLI/NON SLI)

    3. Fixed.
      Delete your shaderoverride folder. Reinstall.

  3. my spec: GTx670 gygabite windforce 3 in sli driver 304.79 , i play in 1280*720 (videoprojector), and no problem with clipping for me, thank you very much for the fix.

    1. shit... I thought it was a 600 series issue...

      Thanks. Have fun.

    2. Ugh... I didnt think nvidia could be that stupid. 304.79 fixes it..... They have like 4 "profiles" so when they need to adapt a game for a profile...... they break all the other games attached to that profile..... Im guessing they did it for an unreal engine game since they work fine and share that profile(borderlands 2/mass effect 3).

      Thats so dumb. Well anywho thanks.

    3. One driver for each game you want to play ;)
      Thanks for your work anyway , without you we couldn't enjoy 3d vision like this !

  4. I've tried to follow the instructions on my steam copy of the game.

    The shadows appear fixed when running around in mission 01.

    There are serious artifacts at the beginning of the intro ingame cinematic with almost half the screen pure white in one of the eyes.

    There are some serious artifacts when running the benchmark.

    Would be nice to know if I am the only one experiencing this.

    1. Try the driver listed in explanation.

    2. I didnt test on steam version, issue may be different patch as well. I did it on a 1.0 retail.

    3. I have not yet tested a lot of drivers but with the latest driver and using steam version I experience this among other glitches.
      I have not played enough to know how rare it is but a lot of scenes look as they should.
      But the glitches are quite severe.

    4. Ill let you know if i Hear anything. The profile I use is buggy for some people on some games. Its the only way I could look at it. I actually had clipping but was able to resolve it. I know three other people played through game with no issue so I dunno. If anyone else has it happen it will be easy to find out why. Till then nothing I can do.

    5. there are other profiles that you can try(Im not sure if they will give different results).


  5. I have tried on both my Q6600 GTX 560 Ti and i7 980 GTX 580 using the suggested driver.

    At this point I wonder if the default settings of the driver is at fault as in leaving almost everything set to let application decide. I do want to mention that if you disregard these severe glitches the shadows etc appears to be fixed. Using either Benq TX2410 or Asus VG278H. Thank you for all your work.

    1. I have been thinking about it and I do remember a similiar situation. http://photos.3dvisionlive.com/eqzitara/image/4f8f78da378501ad62000000/
      This is what the game looks like when I dont have sli on/ and when I turn sli on its alright. Is this what your talking about?

    2. That is the kind of glitch so I guess I encounter the problem because neither of my system run SLI.

      SLI is on my radar but I didn't properly plan for it so just adding a second card would probably mean two cards very close together getting hot.

      Might eventually get a dual-gpu card.

      I don't a simple solution for me personally but I am glad the problem has been narrowed down.

    3. Well I dont fully understand why it happens/happens to only some people. I can confirm the blades of time no sli bug. But I turned off sli and tried devil may cry, no probs. So it may be setting / no sli or just something else. I have no idea.

  6. Replies
    1. Cant do DX10. TBH it offers very little especially concerning capcom games. Many people did comparisons if your want to check tho.

  7. With DmC fixed it would be nice if someone could reproduce the DmC 4 fix if possible using modern drivers.

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  9. Hi, I'm using 3dtv Play. I installed the Steam version of this game, replaced profile using nvidia inspector as instructed, extracted the nonsli pack to my game exe folder. All works well, running the dx9 exe. But the "U" key to change depth/convergence preset isn't working. It's the first time I try this feature to have several presets.
    I tried changing Key = 85 to another key. still nothing happens when I press that key.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Odd, your right. Let me see if I can find a solution.

      Problem was non-sli users didnt have a patch at all till recently because I needed a new feature and for some reason depth/ convergence is not changing on new dll. Lemme see if I can figure it out.

    2. Sorry, doesnt seem to be a solution.

      Problem is 3d vision had tons of additional issues with non-sli with this game. So I needed the newest dlls functions to fix this. Unfortunately for some reason the depth/convergence feature is not working on newest dll with this game.
      I didnt get to test this feature out since I am an SLI user.

    3. No worries. Thank you kindly for all things you provide for 3D gamers. Doing what you do, is what keeps 3D gaming so great! Cheers :)

    4. Thanks. Have fun.

      First time I dont think I tested it [cause sli]. Should def. check it out next third person game you play. Really makes out of gameplay [non-cinematic] pop.

    5. Thanks! works like a charm. I haven't played it yet, but now it's next on my list :]

    6. New versinon added. Will automatically change depth/convergence.

    7. This is great! I'm currently playing it. Every time I think your patch is perfect with an update, you come up with another update, further enhancing the experience. Thanks for the notice.

    8. If you get time to try it let me know how it goes. Just started implementing the feature and not sure if I am going to be doing any changes to it or not [Like I keep stop it from changing depth setting, just convergence]

    9. I tried it for chapter 2, it goes flawless so far. I will keep you updated if I notice anything.

    10. I completed the game using the new auto depth/convergence patch from mission 2 till then end. All seems perfect. Except last fight (part 1) when they show close ups when I do damage. But that's nothing important. I set gameplay settings with high convergence and it looks SUPERB with your 3d fix! thanks :]
      Side note, my sony TV has pretty bad ghosting in high contrast scenes (I don't have space for a projector). Am i out of luck TV-wise?

    11. Certain tvs are better then certain tvs. DLP Tvs are dieing but you might be able to get your hands on one.

      DLP projectors take less room then you could imagine. Short throw is like 3 feet distance from screen = 100". Could use a coffee table or whatever. Not saying "do it" just saying is all.

    12. err forgot to mention its not "really" projectors that are the reason why they are known as best. Its DLP tech. which is more often used in projectors. Basically DLP is best by leaps in bounds.

      Ive went through like 6(?) displays trying to find best.

      I also forgot to mention the hmz-t1/2. They are good as far as ghosting. TBH, a lot of people like them for 3D but Id still recommend a dlp projector/tv. But they would be next on my list. But they are def. a hassle.

    13. err....[damn no editing]
      Hmz-t1/2 has no ghosting, meant to say they are good as far as 3d display.

    14. I mean not having enough "screen" space for anything larger than 40". I play 2 feet away from my 40" (pretty crowded).
      Hmz-tx seems cool. What hassle do you mean? setting it up/game support? or wearing and outside distractions?
      May I ask your personal opinion about the hmz-t2 and whether it's a good idea getting it now/vs wait for Oculus?

    15. Oculus Rift dev kit is kind of unplayable. I have one, its 1280x800 divided by 2 over a large FOV.

      Its a hassle becasue of putting it on every time.

  10. Hey, I can't get my xbox 360 controller to work when I try to run this game. Do you know if there's a problem, or is it probably on my end? I don't particularly like the mouse + keyboard way of playing :s

  11. Hi there,

    This is my first time trying to use your 3D fixes.
    I can't seem to make it work.

    I have a non steam version I suppose so I only renamed the exe.
    When I launch the game, I get this message in the middle of the screen in red :

    "Warning : attempt to run stereoscopic 3d in a non stereoscopic display mode, please change to an acceptable mode. See documentation... blablabla"

    Obviously, I missed something! :)

    Oh and I also tried with the 3 files provided in the non sli archive => same message.

    1. You will get that message without fix.
      Fixes fix visual issues.
      Your getting a 3d vision error. I am guessing you are using 3D TV Play.
      Need to run game at supported resolution/hertz like 1280x720@60hz. 1920x1080@24hz.

    2. If you cant figure out what I am talking about. Go to nvidias forum ->3d vision section and ask there. I am not a tv play user so Im not the best source of info.

  12. Thanks for your quick reply.
    I managed on my own.
    You are right, it was just a resolution problem.
    For some reason, the dx9 version was not the same resolution as the dx10 version (which was the version I was playing up until I tried your fix.

    Just to comment on the fix, I think I prefer the original effect because your fix (IMO) reduces the 3D effect. But hey, I'm new to this so I may be wrong! :)

    1. I was wrong, your fix may reduce a little the 3D effect but it fixes a lot of glitches actually.
      So in the end, it is far better than the original.
      Especially, with the original, my eyes get tired very quickly whereas with the fix no.
      Last thing, just to be sure, with the non steam version, all I need is to rename the exe right?

    2. Ah, I see. In a matter of speaking you are right. BTW make a user account so you can get my replies.

      Convergence. Convergence is what defines the "3D effect" just as much as depth. Nvidia assigns it to games/profiles but you really need to learn to do it yourself.[Not to mention nvidia is not to be trusted]

      Let me go into detai. Trust me this may take 5 mins but you will be happier for it.
      [this is edit copy paste info I wrote up]
      If you look at the left/right picture the only difference between the two is convergence.
      The depth [nvidia bar] is the same in both.

      -Make sure you know what convergence is and how to use. Nvidia control panel->set up stereoscopic 3d->set keyboard shortcuts-> advanced.
      Assign keys. and hold down for a few seconds in game[at most 30] till you see screen shift. If you look at left/right RE5 images it sums up what convergence is. http://helixmod.blogspot.com/2012/06/how-to-unlock-convergence-in-locked.html

    3. U replied at same time so I missed that.
      No, Normally you can just rename games. Steam doesnt allow it. You need to use nvidia inspector.
      here is a guide

      I know this sounds scary but it should only take 5 minutes to do this stuff and its stuff that will benefit you further.

    4. We have to rename/use different game profiles because Nvidia's system is kind of ...balls.
      Not really friendly for us modders. Basically game uses profile A, I fixed game but I really need profile C.
      So I use a different games profile [because its only way]