Monday, November 4, 2013

NON-SLI Instructions

NON-SLI Instructions

The game has a 3d vision/ non-sli issue [nothing to do with mod]. It causes screen to flicker in one eye. So we need to disable a minor post processing shader. The only working way I can find to resolve this is with the helixmod debugger since I can't do it through normal means.

-Must disable tools like evga precision/msi afterburner/steam community
-Must have a keyboard with NUMPAD/PAUSE keys
 If you do NOT have these keys do NOT buy game.

1. Install this file HERE to .. /Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate HD/
2. Start game. You will see red text at top of screen. If you do not, you must reread REQUIRED.
3. Navigate the shaders with NUMPAD 2. You will see it cycle at top of screen. If not, click numlock on your key board
4. Stop when it lands on PS: 13 CRC32 0x99D51268
5. Click NUMPAD 7.
6. Click PAUSE to hide text.
7. Play

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