Saturday, June 1, 2019

3D Vision fix Jalopy

3D Vision fix Jalopy

 - Halos, shadows,  lights (DHR universal fix)
-  Auto crosshair, mouse auto depht etc, (Darkstarsword Fixes)
-  Auto convergence and separation  in menus, books etc. (Darkstarsword Fixes and Losty Fixes)
- Only works in English language version of the game.
- Use High  Spec PC option

 - Copy the content of in c:\.......Jalopy 

- "k" nice 3d convergence and separation
- "l" Disable Uncle clothes shader... is very uggly
- "j" Disable strange light I don't like at all.

- I Made this fix using  tools and fixes from DarkStarSword, DHR and Losty...
If you want to donate something, They worth it.

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