Thursday, September 13, 2012

Darksiders II - Alternative 3D Vision fix

Darksiders II - 3D Vision fix.

- Light effects;
- Shadows;
- fire/water/fog/effects Halos;
- Map/3D Aim cursor and 3D HUD (Experimental ! Please report if it works for you or not. HUD by default is 2D use hot-keys to switch depth. It's a test of alternative CRC32 calculation for shader with debug info/comments)

Remaining issues:
Enemy pointers and healths at the same depth as HUD.
Them can't be splitted as crosshair because of the text (enemy name).

Maybe more - still WIP !

Download this archive if you're using game version 1.1 or below. Or This archive for later version. Unpack downloaded archive in to the game folder (example : "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Darksiders 2").

F2/F3/F4 - keys switch HUD depth.

F5/F6 - switch convergence/separation settings (I use them for change separation for cut scenes).

If you want to save your custom convergence settings press F5(or F6) set custom settings , then press F7 and your settings will be saved in the config file. You can set custom settings for both profiles (F5/F6 keys).

Tested only with steam version of the game. I'm using default game profile from 301.42 display driver.
You need at least R300 driver series to run this version of the fix ( recommended 301.42 ).
The fix can be not complete, because I didn't go through whole game(Will be updated permanently).

If you experience stuttering.
Go to this link and download file HERE. [Works for Darksiders 2]
To use this stuttering fix with Helix's patch follow directions HERE.
Go into nvidia control panel->manage 3d settings->Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames[2] 


  1. Oh wow, I gave up on it early because I really dislike having to remove effects(way beyond my ability to fix). Reinstalling now. will let you know.

  2. Just got into game on retail version.

    Hud seems to have issues. But again this is not steam version, some elements of it work but it doesnt move in depth very far. Like .10?
    The menu screen/text/ability wheel go in depth at that amount.
    Remaining hud elements, target selector, enemy names. Do not.
    Again, I am not using steam version so hopefully some1 with steam version will say something. Game looks amazing though, I just wont use tab targeting. I was working on something but gonna take a break to play. THANKS!

    1. Thanks !
      Then I will update full set of DLL's soon with alternative CRC calculation.

      HUD elements are very weird in this game so I move them only a bit (but you can adjust it in the config, without shader modification).
      Some vertexes have w- value between -1 to 1, but others up to 10000(like map) and thats why some HUD components aren't at the same depth. Thats why I left map almost 2D(but at least is viewable for now).

      Btw I've updated fix few minutes ago fixed some water effects (small splashes and drops).

  3. Great!! thanks Helix!! works with the 304.79 Beta driver also.
    I can't increase convergence beyond F6 profile...i follow the steps.

    Waiting for the DLL's update.

    1. ??? I can

      Open your dx9settings.ini
      And remove the convergence/depth settings that are already saved. Should look like that.
      Convergence = 0x4351f021
      Separation = 0x42b60000
      UseSepSettings = true

    2. Sometime after unpacking you can get read-only right(for user) for config file and thats why F7 key may not work.
      You can set rights in file properties on the security tab(dx9settings.ini file).

  4. You're a magnificent magician with the work you do! Works great! Using it with a 660ti and 305.68 drivers (660ti drivers).

  5. Jaw dropping for level 1 so far...just amazing...took some shots

    I am using the 1.1 update and your fix seems to be working perfect so far.

  6. Been playing for a few hours..... I LOVE IT.
    I LOVE IT. I dunno I think it bothered me to much when I first looked at it about the effects. You know games from your past that your forget? Soul Reaver, was a game I loved. I never found a game to fill the void. This is a great spiritual successor to it. So much fun, its just like but with more options, Leveling, inventory, etc. 2D users may call this game a port... its beautiful to me now.

    My recommended settings
    Vsync is broken. Force it on in control panel.
    Turn off damage numbers.

    If anyones got some mods/graphical options/aa info please let me know.

    1. Cont'd

      I just tried this!!!?pg=1
      I like it.Heres an image gallery with mod and settings.

      I uploaded videos to my youtube account(unmodded). Unfortunately I forgot I needed to hack the depth so it will seem low to monitor to users.

  7. @eqzitara

    New beta drivers just got released that have a specific note about a new Darksiders AA...I have not tried yet but I think that is what you are looking for.

    "If you own Darksiders 2 you should definitely check out our new enhancements for it, and because it's now using a proper AA bit you no longer get that weird sun glitch when indoors "

  8. Just exited out of the game to find out I needed a required 500MB patch before being allowed to play again. Hope it doesn't brake things again:(

    1. I just checked last update and seems only thing they broke it's "Dead's" model in Inventory menu.
      I've added update for this in the main post (fix for version 1.2).

  9. Brilliant work, Helix! Many thanks again - it toally brings Darksiders 2 to a new level of enjoyment for me. It canot be stressed enough how amazing the Helixmod Project is. While I am at it, many thanks to Eqzitara, too, for all the really helpful input here.

  10. I uploaded a video on 3d vision live since youtube kept butchering the qualitity. So if you don't own game and want to see what it looks like check it out.

  11. Alright, this game looks CRAZILY good with HElixMod, I just HAVE to stress it again.

    Unbelievable - I wonder why devs themsleves aren't more curious in the stereo 3d tech. This way brilliant modders and fans are the first in the world to actually behold the true glory of a game world. This will change, I have no doubt about it anymore. It's great to experience it right now already. Btw, looking forward for the Occulus Rift (and hope something like HelixMod can be done for it, too, especially with the SDK access, we will see).

    1. I dont think it will even work with 3d vision tbh. Side By Side
      Like it will work with "supported games"(games that have it in built in engine) but not 3d vision.

      TBH, I dont really recommend it right now with current version comming out to 3d users(i think its awesome for 2d). Its very low resolution then in 3d its cut in half. I think its awesome for 2d but I really dont like that resolution. They say in future model it will be much higher though.

  12. Indeed, low res was often mentioned as a low point. Waiting for the consumer version is the more rationale choice. Then again, I know myself and I am bad waiter all in all. Perhaps it will just get an honorable place in a shelf here, should have quite some collector value in the years to come ;-).

    3D vision will not work indeed. Image has to be bend to counter that frosh eye distortion effect of the lenses. Also it's just one screen ineed, split in a half, side by side. The very low latency head tracking combined with full field of view though should really be impressive (or so I hope). Perhaps that SDK for it will motivate me to dive a little deeper into shader stuff - need some new project after all that ENB modding lately.

  13. I have been playing in DS2 with a combination 3DTV and 3x Nvidia surround...switching between them has involved a reset until now...

    I thought this might be helpful here also...remove\delete if you don't think it's relevant :)

    *TUTORIAL* 3DTV as an accessory display with Nvidia 600-series - New drivers allow both Surround+3DTV gaming with simple hotkey

    New Nvidia drivers (306.02 +) allow for your 3DTV to be an accessory display! This tutorial will show you how to set up your rig to switch between “Nvidia 3DTV Play” gaming and surround gaming with a simple Hotkey.

    For owners of 3DTV’s that like to switch between surround gaming and 3DTV gaming, this was a task that required a system reset.

    With UltraMon and the new drivers I have been able to set it up so that you can switch your gaming experience with a simple Hotkey : )

    Reference GTX 670 here…

    1. Set up your 3x surround displays using and check “surround” in Nvidia control panel. (You must use 2x DVI ports and 1x Displayport on your 600-series card)
    2. Use the remaining HDMI connection on your 600-series to plug in your 3DTV.
    3. When your surround and your bezel correction is set properly, go to “set up multiple displays” and activate the 3DTV. You can place it anywhere you want…I put it centered on top of the surround displays.
    4. Next set your surround display to be the “primary display”, apply… then exit back to desktop.
    5. Install Ultramon 3.2.1 from here
    6. Using Ultramon you can change which display is the primary with a simple Hotkey.
    7. Open UltraMon and save your current profile as “Surround”
    8. Exit Ultramon and open Nvidia Control Panel…Now switch your “primary display” to the 3DTV…
    9. Open Ultramon and save this profile as “3DTV Play”
    10. In Ultramon settings, you can now set a Hotkey to switch between these 2 profiles. I use F10 for 3DTV and F11 for Surround.

    *Switching Audio output*

    Using Soundswitch you can set a Hotkey to switch your Audio output to the 3DTV and back again !

    I use F9 to switch audio output.

    It is soooooo nice to have a game like Darksiders II and be able to go from surround to 3D gaming in seconds without a reset!

  14. Totally made my week helix. I was gonna play some game this week and have darksiders/mass effect 3 dlc(leviathan). Gonna put up a image gallery on mass effect 3 post to show people.

    1. Don't rush with ME3. I'm preparing new update for this game soon (Will be small surprise ;) ).

    2. oooooo! Will give me an excuse to do another playthrough lol...that and I got like 2 more characters to do dlc with(Obsessed..Best video game series of all time.)
      Ah, I just actually fixed an outdoor fog effect for dlc. Your patch is amazing and I didnt want to mess anything up(unreal engine can be annoying...). So I just fixed the texture rather then the shader. I marked it as leviathan in comments in the dx9settings.ini. Here is the vertexshader + dx9settings


    4. How about shadows on leviathan levels ?
      I cant get addon for 2 days every time I got errors when trying to buy BW points. I guess EA don't want my money anymore :)

    5. Shadows are fine.
      The only two major issues are The outdoor fog which I did.
      water. However I just got underwater where I kept in-game freezing.(I tried the game without your patch and kept freezing as well. I will try again when they release a new patch)

    6. Ah, I got it working(bad AA setting)

      Good news.
      Nvidia finally fixed the profile with newest beta(Null profile I guess)
      Bad news.
      They left it as unrecommended...

      Oh well, Ill take a small victory given how long I been asking about it.
      Let me know if you decide not to get DLC and Ill run through it, otherwise I look forward to the update =) I still got my Male shepard/ Jack romance to play.

  15. Btw helix how did you fix the map/menu . I would really like to fix up the hud in spec ops.


    However I had some problems on my end. In short I will describe them here so other people might benefit from this if they ever come across it:

    Previously I had 3D Vision Surround set-up. Both 3D Vision and Surround.
    - I did and install of new beta drivers (not clean install) just overwrite
    Everything was oki doki.
    - 3D VIsion was disabled (Instead I had 3D Discover crap).
    - I enabled 3D VIsion surround (BUT NO 3D VISION SETUP APPEARED) however in games IT WORKED (3D VIsion)
    - WHen I disabled 3D Vision the DAMN setup Appeared. I finished the setup and 3D Vision checkbox was still not enabled.
    - So I enabled it again. (No Wizard appeared) but now FIX WORKED


    If the SETUP is not done after a driver install 3D VISION might work but NOT CORRECTLY!!!

    I wanted to share this so you might now it in the future;)) Might help ^_^


    Best Regards,

    Just found this great guide on increasing visuals


      Tested and works.

  18. Replies
    1. Make sure you update to version 3. It just came out, shadows + ambient occlusion patched.

    2. WOW!..... this game looks awesome with better shadows and AO....update to v3 + Helix Fix, it's a MUST!!

  19. Yeah, in case anyone is wondering, this game is definitely not a port now. Its soooo beautiful now. I am running + patch 1.3. Its so epic looking now. (Ambient occlusion: Qualitity| Anisotorphic filtering: 16x| AA setting: 4x|Texture filtering: High Quality) My 720p screenshots come out so bad on 3d vision live but it really looks epic. As you all know... I play a lot of games. This is probably in my top 10 of games that work in 3D. Certain games just play so much more better in 3d. This is definetly one of them.

  20. Thanks for fix. I have some problems though.
    1. Death in inventory screen is messed up. Left and right eye images of Death are displayed for both eyes.
    2. Something that looks like fps drop when rotating camera in many areas. I'm almost sure that it is not performance problem, because it looks like 5-10 time fps drop.
    Do you have any idea about what I'm doing wrong?

    1. 1. What your screen resolution and do you have installed all game patches ?
      2. In my case I saw it only in few areas, because of high game settings.
      And I have this issue even without my fix, so I think this is how the game works in 3D.
      You can try to measure FPS by some programs (like Fraps). For me it's the same in 3D with and without my fix

    2. 1. My screen resolution is 1680x1050. I've installed update 3.
      2. I'll try to mesure fps. At the moment, I think it has something to do with vsync. I had similar problem with Assassins Creed. The fps was capped to 30. That time I've fixed the problem by disabling vsync in game and forcing it in control panel.

    3. Changing resolution to 1200x720 fixes both problems.
      It's understandable with fps problem (it seems I need to buy that gtx670), but not with inventory...

    4. 670 is not too bad tbh, I dont think game is optimized that well.
      I have 2 x 680's and though I run with all types of AA and ambient occlusion I do hiccup and not always stay at 60.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Hi and thanks for this mod.

    I would like to try it but i'm using another mod "FXAA injector" to enhance graphics settings and it really does.
    I followed this : And it comes with a d3d9.dll file.
    But i see that there is a d3d9.dll file in the HelixMod and files sizes are not the same. The one from "Fxaa Injector" is 75k and the helix mod one is 296k.

    So my question is : if i use Helix mod will i break the "Fxaa Injector" one by replacing the d3d9.dll ?.

    Thanks in advance for your reply...


      Your fxaa injector was when game first came out. Update to patch 1.3 turn on high shadows and occlusion. look at this guide.

  23. Going through alot of the games I need to finish.
    Anywho.. here are some fixed shaders. Great game and you made it amazing in 3d. Very underrated.

  24. Hi helix, many thanks for the mod. But I really want the freedom to adjust convergence myself, using this mod the setting seems be locked to the presets.

    1. its not locked. changed your keys. If you use F2/F3/F4/F5/F6 you will run into issues.

    2. NV 3dvision default key sequences(which im used to) use ctrl+F3, ctrl+F4 etc.
      In this mod, it appears to only detect if F3/F4/... is pressed, ignoring the modifier keys. Correct me if wrong

    3. correct, you need to change it.

    4. start game. Go into nvidia control panel->set up stereoscopic 3d->set keyboard shortcuts.

      Change to whatever and then save your ingame settings. If you want you can change it back soon as you save it.

    5. o wait. Another solution instead of changing hotkeys.

      Go into DX9SETTINGS.INI (its included)
      remove this
      Convergence = 0x431f1a91
      Separation = 0x42a40000
      UseSepSettings = true

      remove this
      Convergence = 0x42da6d6f
      Separation = 0x42a40000
      UseSepSettings = true

    6. Hi, big thanks!
      Played with the settings, changing the Preset1Key, Present2Key.. etc can also do the trick :)

  25. Hi, big thanks!
    Played with the settings, changing the Preset1Key, Present2Key.. etc can also do the trick :)

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. Hey,
    Many thanks for this, 3d effects are now amazing compared to the original ones :)


  28. Zomg! You guys are utter, super rock stars. I had no idea this site existed or that you guys were doing such great things for the PC community. I've been sadly just accepting the many games as non-3D vision compatible (like Darksiders II just to name one). Then I stumbled upon this site today and get Darksiders II working beautifully in 3D. I can't wait to see what other games I can get working in 3D too. I can't thank you guys enough -- great work!

  29. This looks beautiful! Got DS2 it on a deal and and playing it while waiting to play Bioshock Infinite because it's BROKEN. No one thinks it can be fixed since DX9 "can't" be forced. Is that true?

    Mass Effect 3 was AMAZING with your fix!

    Just what the hell is wrong with Nvidia investing millions in 3d Vision and dropping it like a hot potato? Don't get me started...

    Thanks! -drastic00

    1. Cant be forced.
      He talks about it in either comments of Bioshock 1/2

      There may be two games with "3D vision support"(Could mean anything) within a month, I wont talk about it because you never know with them but be sure to keep an eye out.

  30. Great fix for the 3D, cheers Helix and eqzitara.

    Sadly though Darksiders 2 seems to be a pretty bad port with some framerate and stuttering issues, so once you double the graphics demands by running it in 3D (or halve the framerate, whichever way you want to look at it), it goes pretty jerky. Funnily enough the FPS in fraps is showing as 40+ most of the time, which should be OK, but the game stutters like mad. Dropping the resolution does fix it, but obviously looks significantly worse, and wouldn't be necessary if the port was optimized better.

    I'm on a single 660 2GB and a 3570K. Think it'll take a top-end card to run this well in 3D in 1080p.

    1. Weird, I haven't heard any problems on this one. You running a legit copy? Its got a load of updates.

      If so, sorry. Some games just run bad for some people. Splinter cell/prototype 2 I averagelike 30fps on 2 sli 680's. Id just try to remember it when you upgrade.

    2. I just bought it and I have the same problem. The game is barely playable :(

      Apparently there's a fix which could work but it comes with its own dx9.dll :/

      This seems to work for darksiders 2...

    3. Not sure if your going to see this. [DONT USE ANONYMOUS IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION]

  31. Ok, I didn't see that page. I used the file I linked above and now the game runs SUPER smoothly!
    Thank you so much, I love you guys :p

    1. NP. Thanks for the response and letting me know that it fixed it for you. Ill let anyone else know who runs into lag issues.

    2. Hey folks. Thanks so much for all the work you do here. Without you 3D Vision would be useless. I just wanted to jump in and give a +1 to the above post regarding the stuttering. It was pretty unbearable for me. I renamed the above referenced Skyrim stutter fix d3d9.dll to stutter.dll and then added it as a Proxy Lib in DX9Settings.ini. That seems to have resolved it as far as I can tell.

      Thanks again for all of your time and effort!

    3. Thanks Jared. I will add a note to page. I didnt realize it was a serious issue. Perhaps it came with later updates of game and I didnt run into it.

    4. My pleasure! Worth noting after further testing, the above Skyrim "fix" seems to cause a significant hit to overall performance, but it did resolve the weird stutter I was seeing. I'm going to keep working on it and post back with additional results. For those wondering, I'm using an Nvidia 660 Ti with an i7-3770 @ 3.5ghz and trying to play at 5760 x 1080.

    5. Lets try to find a better solution. TBH, I dont trust that "fix" because it does things that other applications do. Its kind of like this is a fix... but other methods already existed before this.

      Method 1:
      Go into Nvidia control panel->manage 3d settings -> maximumum prerendered frames: 2 [This seems to be the only thing that fix is doing]. Try 3/4 if you only see a slight improvement.
      Set it to 1 [Trust me, this clears up some 3d vision clipping on side of screen]

      Method 2:
      You probably have to delete the helixmod d3d9.dll. If it works Ill see if I can give you a new version thats compatibile.
      Download Rivaturner. Use the framerate limiter and set to something like 50 FPS. If it works then you can increase it.

    6. Hi again. I saw another reply here, but now it's gone. Also saw that Skyrim fix only set the Max Pre-Rendered Frames. I and messed with the setting myself originally, but I didn't see an effect. Checked into it again and it was user error. I have the Steam install and the Nvidia Control Panel's Darksiders 2 profile was not actually linked to the game's exe. Told it where to find the game and set Max Pre-Rendered Frames to 2. 1 didn't help and 3/4 seemed to cause input lag. The game is buttery and awesome in 1920x1080 now! 5760x1080 might just be a little overzealous.

      I agree there was something fishy about the last driver update. I already had to do a clean driver install due to some other issues.

      Thanks again for your input and feedback. The work you do here is really impressive and probably used by 100% 3d gamers. You should put up a donation page!

      Great Job!

    7. Thanks.
      Just make sure to turn maximum pre rendered frames to 1 when done.
      Its something I always do when I install a new nvidia driver [Or as I call it russian roulette]. If you ever see "clipping" at the end of the screen. Good chance that fixes it.

    8. err nm... You did it for actual game not control panel. I was doing something else and realized what you said just now. My bad.

  32. Just wanted to say thanks for the further framerate fix ontop of the stereo fix. I had to use the res.dll trick (the skyrim 64Hz thing) since the Nvidia control panel max pre-rendered tweak had no effect (which is weird because in theory they should do the same thing) but either way, it's fixed and I can now play this awesome game in stereo and smooth :)

    Cheers eqzitara!

    (btw I'm the anon who posted on May 15, 2013 at 2:08 AM)

  33. thx so much! by the way what is the difference between the 2 fixes for this game?

  34. still work with deathinitive edition?

  35. No this fix does not work with the DE version. Shadows are completely broken. Either play the original version in 3D or new on in 2D, unless someone wants to update the fix.