Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (Updated)

Download the fix:

The fix has been updated for the final release with all five chapters. Special thanks to KING Art and Nordic Games for granting me access to the Chapter 5 private beta to get this fix ready ahead of time :)

Shadows are now fixed. If you have installed a previous version of this fix, be sure to delete the ShaderOverride folder before installing the new version, otherwise shadows will still be disabled.


  • Shadows, halos, etc.
  • Manual convergence and UI depth presets added (see below)
  • Menus, books and maps automatically activate custom separation, convergence and UI depth presets tailored to each one.


I recommend you get comfortable with switching between different convergence and UI depth presets to suit each individual scene in the game. The recommended L preset is conservative to make it usable for the entire game (except for the drunken punch minigame in chapter 2, which needs the K preset), but some scenes may look better with a higher convergence.

UI, subtitles and inventory depth adjustment (not mouse cursor):

  • ~: Screen depth
  • 1-9: 10-90% depth
  • 0: 100% depth

Convergence presets:

  • K: Low convergence preset for the drunken punch minigame in chapter 2
  • L: Recommended preset for most of the game
  • semicolon: High preset for extra pop (can be too high in some scenes)
  • quote: Extra high preset for extreme pop (can be too high in some scenes)

The convergence presets on K and L are fixed, but the presets on semicolon and quote can be customised to your preference. Start by activating the preset, adjusting the convergence with Ctrl+F5/F6 (advanced key bindings must be enabled in the control panel), then press F7 to save.

Known Issues

  • Mouse cursor depth cannot be adjusted as the game uses a hardware cursor.
  • The default convergence preset does not get activated automatically when the game is launched. Press L to manually activate it after launching the game.
  • There's a few scenes in the game where the background is little more than a pre-rendered texture drawn over extremely simplified 3D geometry that doesn't really look very convincing in 3D. Fortunately there are only a few of these (mostly when talking to other characters, and mostly in chapter 1) and outside of them the 3D looks fantastic!


Extract the contents of to the game directory. You should end up with this directory structure:

...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\Windows\BouT2_Data\
...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\Windows\BouT2.exe
...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\Windows\steam_api.dll
...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\Windows\d3d9.dll  (new)
...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\Data\
...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\ShaderOverride\   (new)
...\The Book of Unwritten Tales 2\DX9Settings.ini   (new)

After launching the game, press L to activate the recommended convergence preset.


  • I have not found all the optional side quests in the game yet. If you notice a rendering issue in one of them, or find more books that need a custom stereo preset please let me know.
  • I updated the fix during the chapter 5 private beta, but have not thouroughly checked if anything changed for the public release. Let me know if you find something broken.

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  1. Thank You for the fix! Allready loved The Book of Unwritten Tales 1 in 2D but beeing able to play The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 in S3D is awesome!

    1. BTW I had no issues with the mouse beeing ignored after changing the convergence. I don't use the default hotkeys for convergence maybe this is the reason? On the other hand I watched a Let's Play (in 2D of course) and sometimes the player also had issues with the mouse not working any more. So perhaps it is a common issue of the early access version?

  2. I've updated the fix for Chapter 2!
    - The update fixes a minor halo glitch on the light beam from the magnifying glass.
    - I've blacklisted certain textures from having their depth adjusted with the UI where they caused problems.
    - I've also added two convergence presets (press L or K) since F6 messes up the game.
    - I've removed the U key to toggle shadows (that was mostly for debugging), and made shadows automatically re-enable if 3D is disabled (interestingly some shadows actually work fine in 3D, so those ones have been left enabled).

  3. I've updated the fix for Chapter 3 and fixed the shadows!

    Be sure to delete the ShaderOverride directory before installing the update so that the shadows are re-enabled.

    I haven't replayed the whole game with shadows re-enabled - I did reload a few saves to check, but if anyone notices any shadow issues in the first two chapters please let me know.

  4. I've updated the fix for Chapter 4, plus a few other improvements:

    - A couple of scenes (some books + menus) that didn't work well with arbitrary 3D settings now switch to a preset for a better experience.
    - The sketches in the save menu no longer move to the right with the UI depth
    - UI depth adjustment disabled on postcard in chapter 2 since it now has text added to it that doesn't work with this.

    Since the game switched to use a borderless window instead of exclusive fullscreen, the default convergence preset no longer works. Press L after launching the game to switch to it manually.

  5. YOU can 'have correction ELITE DANGEROUS, thanks.