Sunday, February 8, 2015



-Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into directory that contains the game's EXE file.

Additional Notes:
  • 'Q' key has 2 convergence presets
  • 'Tab' key has an extra low convergence preset. Press this when reading the newspaper and when operating the cannon.

Made this using DarkStarSword's Unity template.
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  1. Wrong fix the

  2. Thank you 4everAwake, you make a wonderful job ! Much appreciated ! There are several major games which need to be fixed : Elite Dangerous, Battlefield 4, Dying light, State of decay. Do you think to work on these ones ?

    1. Please do not make requests in threads for different games. It's insulting and rude to the person who did this work.

      If you want a game fixed, you need to get on it and learn how to do this yourself. Start at:

  3. Hello bo3b, that's a mistake, to be rude wasn't my aim and not my mindset. it's really nice to fix all kind of games.
    I just wonder if the games i'm playing will be fixed (it's a big hope, not a request). i enjoy your work, and this tutorial is very useful. i put it in my bookmarks, i'll definitively learn how ot fix games myself and share for the comunity too (i just need time) ;)

    1. Hi crozet guillaume. At this time, I currently lack the skill to be able to fix the games you listed. That's why I tend to fix "simple" games. I want to try my hand at Elite Dangerous, though. (I'm just waiting for the price to go below $30).

    2. @crozet: Good to know, thanks for the explanation.

      When I get a chance, I plan to bring a specific 'requests' page to the HelixModBlog just for that purpose.

  4. Thank you 4everAwake. it's a good option to do "simple" fix for all kind of games. it permits to not forget some nice /indie games and to not to spent too much time on a single game. From my point of view, it keeps Helix very active with many news by a week :) i visit Helix all days :) and you make me discover some games that I would have never tried if you never worked on it. It's also the good means to gain skills progressively. Elite dangerous is very interesting for 3D vision because if it's combined with TrackIR, it's a good alternative to Occulus rift. The immersion due to the cockpit view is fantastic :)