Monday, March 9, 2015

King Arthur - The Roleplaying Wargame

I managed to get this little gem of a game working in 3D! This is one of my personal favorite strategy games similar to the Total War Series. This game is in a fantasy setting and is so much more immersive in 3D. I've easily put over 100 hours in this game.

Some other screenshots are attached to the link below, I don't know where my picture files went :)

In order for this to work, there are a couple of things you need to do when installing the required files. Here are the simple steps to get this working in 3D.

A.) Must add "Launcher.exe" & "KingArthur.exe" to AION profile using Nvidia Inspector.

B.) Go to the in game video options and turn slider for shadows all the way to the left (off). Everything else can be maxed out. I suggest doing this before you use the fix. The menu sliders for game settings are stretched in 3D but they are still fully functional by clicking the little arrow buttons. There are no problems with UI during game play :)

C.) Install the files from the fix to the root directory of the game of your install location.

Download: KA_TRPG_3DFix.rar
  1. d3d9.dll - Helixmod
  2. ShaderOverride - Disabled one vertex shader. Disabling it does not remove any thing noticeable other than a severely distracting shimmer. I added a line of code to the shader to make it work with vs_3_0
  3. d3d9res.dll - This is to inject your custom resolution
  4. resolution.ini - This is to configure your custom resolution
  5. DX9Settings.ini - This is for custom convergence settings and also has the proxylib function to inject your custom resolution. I have used the "U" key as a toggle to switch convergence between campaign map & battle map. A third key "0" is optional as well which I use for the "Flyby Camera" for victory locations. You need to change the Proxylib to your correct game path. You can certainly modify the custom convergence settings and save them by using the F7 key.
This game is definitely worth playing in 3D. The strategic and tactical depth gives a wide range of option and variety. Please note that there may be other problems that I have not encountered but I have tested a good solid 10+ hours without problems. There may be the odd artifact but it is really a minor thing.

One additional bonus! This fix also works for The Kings Crusade. Same instructions and add "lionheart.exe" & "launcher.exe" to AION profile.

Fix by Stryker_66

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