Thursday, August 27, 2015

Crysis 2 (DX11)

This fix is for real 3D

Thanks bo3b for helping me testing some stuff.

- Shadows
- Lights
- Sun Beams
- Moon/Stars
- Halos in effects (Water, Smoke, lights, others)
- Decals
- Disappearing / flickering objects
- Crosshair depth adjustable "x" iniparams (using texture separation)
- Target icons depth adjustable "x" iniparams (using texture separation)
- HUD (minimap and Gun info only) toggle on/off ("P" key)
- HUD depth adjustable "y" iniparams (using texture separation)
- Left trigger / Right Mouse button override convergence for aiming.
- Remove DOF in ULTRA settings (really the worst DOF i've seen in a game)

- "o" key for cycling through different depth for Crosshair and Target icons
- "p" key for enable/disable HUD (minimap and Gun info)

Recommended settings:
- In this game i mainly focus on ULTRA settings, the game have very good performance, so no point to reduce the quality. Lower settings will have shadows and lights issues.
- Disable Motion Blur
- Use this command in the console: r_drawnearfov 2 --> Removes weapon (you can crank up convergence)

Know issues:
- Reflection in buildings/windows (not all)
- Water reflection (not always)

- Some object render incorrectly and visual artifacts (i don't have SLI so try different SLI bits and profiles with Nvidia inspector, please report back).

- Extract where Crysis2.exe is located



Special thanks to Flugan for his work on the assembler, used in this fix.


  1. Very cool, love the console command to remove weapon and cranking up convergence. Great work man!

  2. Thanks, I've waited years to finally play this in 3D! But I'm having a lot of issues. The convergence automatically resets when stop aiming down sights, I can readjust the convergence back down with F6 but it just resets once I let go of aim, so it's near impossible to shoot anyone because the iron sights cover the target every time. Turning on the nvidia 3D sight helps but not much. It's basically unplayable like this.

    r_drawnearfov 2 is great but also has a lot of issues: 1) Opening the Visor also turns it off and resets convergence again too. 2) Aiming down sights with the Feline iron sights brings it right up to your face so there's 3 huge bars on the screen.
    I've taken screens of all the above but I don't know where to post them.

    1. Have you saved the convergence that you set via Ctrl-F7? If not, it will keep resetting to the default.

    2. If you're running win10, that may be the cause.

    3. Sorry late reply, gave this game a break 'til now. I tried saving convergence with Ctrl+F7 but once I let go of aim and aim again it's back to default convergence no matter how many times I save config. I'm on Win7, drivers 353.30.

  3. How remove weapon in Crysis 1 ?

  4. I can't install the mod because I can't find the exe file to extract to. when I go through the explorer, for example, OS(C)/ program files (x86)/ origin games/ crisis 2/bin32/ within bin 32 used to be crysis exe. But mow it goes Core and I can't find the exe file. I even did a factory reinstall and I made sure hide file extensions is unchecked. the games play but I can't mod them I'm using windows 7

    1. Look in your Origin client to see where the destination install directory it is using. Settings->Advanced.

      If you moved the directory, or it did, you can wind up with a half-dead folder structure that is in the wrong spot.

  5. thanks to this fix!my issue is sun beams only runder in one eye.

  6. Looked in Origin client to find install directory. located in C:/Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\. Extracted zip to C/ program files (x86)origin games/ Crysis 2/bin32. Got 3D but Now have 2 sets of images side by side any suggestions?

    1. You have to set the in-game 3D settings to Off.

    2. That did the trick! Thank you.

    3. I have a non-tech/mod question, as an expert on real 3-D what are some of the better 3-D games you've experienced. A couple of my personal favorites are Crysis 3 and metro 2033. I ask the question because I want to find and play the best, most immersive, 3D games that are out there. Thanks for all the great work you do!

    4. There are roughly yearly threads on the 3D Vision forums where people talk about their favorite games. Search for those on the forums.

      Here is a fairly old list, where people voted for their favorites:

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  9. Replies
    1. Nonsense. It's 3D Vision Ready. You are doing it wrong.

  10. Just trying this 3D fix - options screen is fine - have turned off in-game 3D - intro with real-life footage loads fine - but game crashes to desktop upon loading first level (fortunately does NOT shut down my PC like Far Cry 4 or Shogun 2 did though)

  11. Same thing happening in Crysis 3 - although that at least let me play through the Training mission (then CTDed as soon as I entered the actual game, after the cut-scenes).

  12. Update to my above comments - I asked EA to put my Retail versions of Crysis 2 and 3 on to "Origin" - and somehow that has made Crysis 2 work in 3D (I notice they added it as the "Maximum" edition...whereas my Retail one was only the "Limited" edition).

    Still no luck with Crysis 3 as yet, but I'll do a reboot later and see if that fixes things...

  13. Another update - I got Crysis 3 to work in 3D fix mode - the trick to stop it crashing is to turn OFF 3D when in the menu PRE-game, i.e. BEFORE you load your check-point / new game

    - then once it starts in 2D - switch your non-fake 3D on - et voila!

    The only issue I noticed (on both Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 proper 3D fixes) is that "Convergence" has to be set quite low, as otherwise the weapon you are holding appears "too close" to the screen. Which is a bit of a shame, as Mr. Angry "Psycho" looks amazing in Toyification level view - even his bald head :-)

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    2. could you make hud toggle for remastered hud?