Saturday, August 29, 2015


What this mod does:
- Fixes shadows, water reflections, smoke & fire effects
- Pushes crosshair into depth
- Adds two convergence presets to the 'Tab' key.
- Adds a low convergence preset to the 'Caps Lock' key. Use this for cutscenes and when in the Main Menu.

- Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the directory "..\Stranglehold\Binaries\"
- Use Nvidia Inspector to assign "Retail-Stranglehold.exe" to the profile "Max Payne 3". (For instructions on how to assign profiles, see this guide)


  1. I need help. Im trying to remove just the hud from stranglehold, but when i add this as posted in the guides for vertex shaders:

    dcl_position v0
    dcl_position o0

    and load up the game, screen go's black but you can still hear the menu and ingame sounds/music etc. I do this method for other games it removes the hud and hud alone, but with stranglehold somethings up. The shader is vertex shadder titled 238EE519. Its code looks like this:

    // Generated by Microsoft (R) D3DX9 Shader Compiler 9.10.455.0000
    // Parameters:
    // float4x4 Transform;
    // Registers:
    // Name Reg Size
    // ------------ ----- ----
    // Transform c5 4

    dcl_position v0
    dcl_texcoord v0
    dcl_color v0
    dcl_color1 v0
    dcl_position o0
    dcl_texcoord o1.xy
    dcl_color o0
    dcl_color1 o0
    mul r0, c6, v0.y
    mad r0, c5, v0.x, r0
    mad r0, c7, v0.z, r0
    mad o0, c8, v0.w, r0
    mov o1.xy, v1
    mov o2, v2
    mov o3, v3

    // approximately 7 instruction slots used

    Any ideas anyone? or who to message or contact? and know what to edit? so it doesnt go black and just removes the hud. Thank you anyone who can help me out its really puzzling me very much, and i cant figure it out. Anyways thanks

    1. Best bet is to try to find the PixelShader for the HUD, instead of this Vertex Shader. The VS might be used for a lot more than just the HUD and thus be blacking out the screen. It seems like the code change is OK because it does black out the screen.

      If you want more assistance, use the ShaderHackers thread, and people can suggest other ideas.