Monday, February 29, 2016

Rise of the Tomb Raider - 3D Vision Fix

This Community fix is now released. Thanks to the community feedback it seems OUR (this patch) is actually better than the OFFICIAL ONE!
(Unlocked convergence + separation + other MAJOR fixes that are STILL broken in the official 3D Patch).
If you are still interested in trying it out, read below:

UPDATED: 7th of March 2016

- 2nd of March 2016 - Fixed PureHair Rendering.
- 3rd of March 2016 - Fixed/Added proper DEPTH scaling to the crosshair, as previously wasn't working exactly 
right !
- 3rd of March 2016 - Added better transition timings when Aiming and not Aiming in d3dx.ini
- 3rd of March 2016 - Added ability to disable SOME of the PureHair Animations to FIX SLI BUG. This might also be useful for other people as it seems to increase performance by a bit!
- 4th of March 2016 - Added toggle for PureHair Animation
- 4th of March 2016 - FIXED a Bug related to Space Screen Reflections that was present in Single Screen Systems, but not under Surround 
- 4th of March 2016 - Fixed another Screen Effect in the Baba Yaga DLC
- 5th of March 2016 - Updated to 3DMigoto 1.2.32 with FULL SBS and TB support!
- 5th of March 2016 - Added Convergence key on F2 to view the "Weapon Upgrade" Screen
- 5th of March 2016 - Added Convergence key on "X" for certain Cinematics(like the one in Syria)
- 7th of March 2016 - Updated to 3DMigoto 1.2.34 which allowed the fix to come with pre-backed shaders. The ASM source code is still available in "" file. This will dramatically improve shader loading!

Using 3DMigoto Wrapper 1.2.34!

3D Vision Screenshots:

Dynamic Crosshair + Laser Dot (Up-Close):

Dynamic Crosshair + Laser Dot (Far Away):


3D Vision Fix Team(Contributors) in Alphabetical Order:

1. Bo3b - Core Developer of 3DMigoto Wrapper. Big thank you for helping will all the HLSL & decompiling issues!
2. Flugan - Developer. Big thank you for your assembler/disassembler addition in 3DMigoto. Without it, this fix wouldn't be possible today!
3. DarkStarSword - Core Developer of 3DMigoto Wrapper. Fix Developer. Big thank you for all the work (see below)
4. Helifax - Fix Developer. Big thank you for all the work (see below)
5. Mike_ar69 - Fix Developer. Big thank you for all the work (see below)

ISSUES Fixed: 

- Requires version "Build_610.1" or earlier of the GAME
- Shadows - Pattern by Mike_ar69
- Sun Soft Shadows - Pattern by Mike_ar69
- Tile Lighting System - Pattern by DarkStarSword. THIS WAS A BIG THING TO MAKE IT WORK. SO BIG BIG THANK YOU DSS!!!
- PureHair - Pattern by DarkStarSword
- Reflections - Pattern by Mike_ar69
- Screen Space Reflections - Pattern by Mike_ar69 & DarkStarSword A Big thank you for this one as well DSS!!!
- Decals - Pattern by Mike_ar69
- Tessellation Decals (Snow trails) - Pattern by Mike_ar69
- Multi-layer rendering (Ex: ICE and MULTI-LAYER complex objects) - Pattern by Helifax & Mike_ar69
- Bloom - Fix by Helifax
- Screen Effects - Fix by Helifax
- Lens Flares - Fix by Helifax
- Depth of Field - Fix by Helifax
- God Rays - Fix by Helifax
- Main UI & Secondary UI - Fix by Helifax
- Targeting reticles for Throwable objects (ex: Lamps, bomb, catapult, grappling arrows) - Fix by Helifax
- Correct in-depth Crosshair - Fix by Helifax, based on the technique developed by DarkStarSword
- Bink videos rendered actual game as contextual videos - Fix by Helifax. (Avalanche & Water effects)
- Generating & Extracting ALL the SHADERS in ALL LEVELS and all discoverable locations, finding all the collectibles to generated their shaders AND applying the above fixes - Helifax
(This is where the massive amount of time went into)
- Completely Fixed PureHair Rendering - Big thanks to DarkStarSword for helping with this one and to Helifax for fixing the Shadows & Lighting rendering on the Hair.

BONUS for Surround Users:
- Removed BLACK borders in all in-game rendered cinematics! - Fix by Helifax

3D Vision Fix Status:

The full release INFORMATION + DOWNLOAD links can be found here on the Nvidia 3D Vision Forum thread:

Donation Links:
Donations are not mandatory and no one should feel obligated to donate.
If you appreciate and you feel like donating though, you can ask for the PayPal address of each fixer in the Nvidia forums thread linked above.

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