Saturday, July 22, 2017

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition

3D Vision fix for Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition (the most recent Steam version). I fixed the few issues I found at the start of the game. I think it's unlikely that there will be more issues, but I'll resume playing/fixing when the mod is complete.

- Haloing in some "saliva" like elements.
- Haloing when kicking enemies, codec conversations, etc.
- Haloing / double image in water (at least in the starting area).
- HUD depth no longer depends on convergence.

- F1: high convergence.
- F2: low convergence.
- F3: zero convergence (for testing purposes).
- F4: HUD depth presets. Screen depth by default. WARNING: there are some HUD elements that use a different shader that I couldn't catch. Those will be at screen depth.
- F5: weapon laser color toggle (blue and red). Red by default. With blue color, it makes it easier to see for colorblind people like myself. It also affects some elements in the inventory menu, as well as some transitions.
- F6: HUD toggle. WARNING: there are some HUD elements that use a different shader that I couldn't catch. Those won't be disabled.

Remaining issues
- Unknown. I haven't played the entire game in 3D, and I will do so when the mod is complete.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the root folder of the game ("Resident Evil 4" folder). There are two folders inside the fix: "Bin32" (with "d3d9.dll" inside, that goes where "bio4.exe" is), and "BIO4" (which contains the "shaderoverride" folder and "DX9Settings.ini" file). Merge those two folders with the folders the game has.

- I couldn't totally isolate the film grain filter (it affected more than just that). The current solution is here:

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. do you can fix incompatibility of re4 enb for re4 hd ultimate ?

    1. Try using the latest version of the 3Dmigoto code here. Replace just the dlls. This version has much better compatibility.

      Alternatively, use the 3D Fix Manager and have it replace the dlls.

    2. It is dont fix incompatibility enb for hd version =(

    3. Ah, sorry, this is a DX9 game, which means that we have to use HelixMod, not 3Dmigoto. We don't have the code, so we cannot solve problems like these for HelixMod.

      Best bet would be to try other versions of HelixMod from here, or work with Boris on ENB forums to try to figure out a workaround.

  2. It is dont fix incompatibility for enb and hd version =(

  3. hi,could you make a new hud toggle for the hd project?

  4. Hi I have a problem with re4 where when I enable 3d it lags a lot. The think though is that I have a EVGA 1070 SC and 4790k and they both stay at respectable 25% load. No matter what settings I use it always lags as if it's capped in a way. Is there any fix for that or can you point me at the reason it happens? I'm currently playing with the RE4 HD Project.

    1. Generally speaking, that will be a scenario where you are CPU limited. Games like this are single-threaded, so it will only run on a single core of your CPU. So microsoft shows 25%, but one core is running at 100%, the one for the game. It will bounce between cores and not be that clear, but it's because one thread is maxed. Only thing to do there is overclock, or try to lower load on cpu by draw distance and game settings like that.

  5. Re 4 hd project and tweak mods are complete so we wait for the vr mod