Sunday, November 19, 2017

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

3D Vision fix for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. It includes somewhat useful aspect ratio mod. The fix needs dgVoodoo to convert DX7 into DX11.

Small update (2017-11-22): I've changed the way I alter the aspect ratio for the main menu, and also for dgVoodoo WIP 37.

Update (2017-11-20): I've updated the fix. A fog layer was missing a fix, so the fix now includes that. The download link is the same. I'll keep testing the game as I play.

- HUD fixed and at customizable depth.
- Fixed "layer" was making 3D broken at normal convergence levels.

Known issues (not caused by the fix and not related to 3D)
- If you use SRHook to be able to play at >30fps, the game will skip all prerendered cutscenes.
- There isn't any true (Hor+) widescreen mod. Mine enables the extra blank space to be used by geometry that would otherwise be outside of the 4:3 area in the view of one eye, or if you use extremely high convergence.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the "Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver" folder, where "kain2.exe" is.
- Unzip the SRHook mod in the same folder if you want to play at more than 30fps (beware of the videos bug). I recommend limiting the fps to something higher than 60, to avoid some stuttering.
- Check the properties of "kain2.exe" and disable Windows XP (Service Pack 2) compatibility.

- Download the latest dgVoodoo 2 release or WIP version here:
- From inside its "MS" folder, copy "D3D8.dll", "D3DImm.dll" and "DDraw.dll" into the game folder.
- Open "dgVoodooCpl.exe" and configure it like this, for example, tuning the resolution and some other settings to your liking:

- According to the dgVoodoo page, you may need the Winplay DLL patch if you experience some crashes (I think I dodn't need it. But I tried it and the game worked with it too):
- Boot the game. The graphics and sound configuration will appear. Use a 4:3 resolution like this if you want to use my widescreen mod:

- dgVoodoo will override that low resolution with your real one, and my aspect ratio mod will unstretch the game geometry, HUD and menus. F4 changes the aspect ratio in real time, but check "d3dx.ini", above the "w=0.75" line, to see the instructions. If you use an ingame 16:9 resolution AND use SRHook, the game will use a Vert- widescreen mode on top of my mod. Set "w=1" in "d3dx.ini" if you want to use the SRHook widescreen method.
- I recommend using SGSSAA in the game profile for non demanding games like this one.

- F2: five convergence presets.
- F3: HUD depth presets. Screen depth by default. Some elements will have different depth than others.
- F4: aspect ratio presets. The default one is 16:9. The order is: 4:3, 16:9, AR for 2560x1080, AR for 3440x1440, and 48:9.
- F5: black bars toggle for cutscenes. Bars not disabled by default. Warning:  It will also disable your life bar.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:

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  1. Another great classic I always wanna play :)
    This time in amazing 3D!
    Again thanks for all your great work Masterotaku!