Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Anthem, in it's current launch state, is a game much deserving of both it's critical praise and criticism. There is much to love about it's core game mechanics and I greatly enjoyed playing through the entire campaign (as much to the credit of the amazing work done on character animation, which I'll touch on shortly, as it is to the perfectly tight flight mechanics and ability based combat), but it was a journey with a lot of bugs, crashes, server disconnects, and uninspiring loot traits, and I'm finding my interest in it's fairly non-existent endgame is lacking to continue playing beyond.

The world of Bastion is a beautiful environment to live out your Ironman fantasy, especially when the 3D is flawless (which, unfortunately is not 100% of the time, see the Known Issues section for report on what to expect), and the character and facial expression animations are quite possibly the best I've seen in a game to date... and yes, I've played Hellblade, which was lauded in this area as well and yes, it sure was amazing in that regard as well, but there was a hyperemphasis on her mental state there that came out in Senua's performance (and a little more "cottonmouth / slackjaw-ness" for my liking), and I personally couldn't relate to a lot of those emotions displayed there. In Anthem, the main characters animations are all relatable and believable because they move and act like people I'm sure we all know in real life (at least during the cutscenes... during Fort Tarsis conversations their animations look a bit more scripted).

I feel it was a great value to experience this game by paying for 1 month of Origin Premium Access, and I wouldn't have felt ripped off if I paid for the game outright either. I also expect that given a little bit more post-release development time this will be worthy of being a top-tier looter shooter, and given that does come to pass then I'll definitely be picking up a full copy of the game then... but in the meantime, once my Origin Access runs out in another 16 days then that'll be the end of my time flying around one of my Javelin's throughout Bastion (actually, probably even a bit sooner than then). Hopefully no updates will break any of the manually fixed shaders in that interim, but with that said, expect fix support to be limited (ie. enjoy it now while you can!).

Fix Features

Fixed effects (by the Frostbite3 Universal Fix Regex Script):

-Most lighting effects (CS Lights / Tile lighting / PS Shadows)
-Most reflections (CS / PS / Cube map based)
-Ground decals/textures (PS)

Fixed effects by DJ-RK:

-God rays & volumetric lighting
-Sky based shaders (skybox, sun, moon, starfield, stormclouds)
-Lens flares created from the sun
-Wall decals/textures
-Ground decals/textures (VS)

User Interface / HUD related:

-Push all HUD elements to adjustable depth
-Implemented separate convergence presets for 3rd person view, 1st person view, and during cutscenes & conversations, and use of texture filtering/scene detection to automatically trigger those presets when applicable
-Toggleable settings for disabling lens effects like lens flares and water droplets on screen to user preference

Known Issues:

-Lens flares cast from Javelin suit thrusters while flying are incorrect (can be disabled via F5 key)
-Storm clouds, while having their positions corrected, have some blocky clipping artifacts around the edges of objects in front of them
-Some effects, like mist/clouds and fire sometimes lose their depth and appear at screen depth (can occur at further distances, and then snap to their correct positions either randomly or as distance gets closer). Some can be disabled via F6 key
-Happens rarely, but sometimes there will be a bright light bleed effect that occurs in one eye
-Sometimes a convergence preset might not activate via it's automatic trigger, leaving you with very little depth or HUD items at screen depth. To fix, often pressing the Esc key to bring up the map/menu, and then pressing Esc again to return to the game will cause the preset to trigger properly. If that doesn't work, pressing the F10 key might help by reloading the fix. Final resort is to use the F1 key to manually load the 1st Person View preset and F2 key for the 3rd Person View preset


1) Download: Anthem 3DMigoto fix v1.0
2) Extract the contents of the fix to the Anthem game directory
3) For best results, leave the Depth of Field setting enabled. The effect is very minor in the game, and is used as a trigger for the custcene & conversation convergence preset
4) The following keys have been set up to do the following

Key                 Description
F1                   Manually loads the convergence used for the first person view preset used in Fort Tarsis
F2                   Manually loads the convergence used for the third person view preset used while in Bastion
F3                   Disables the HUD
F4                   Cycles through various HUD depth values
F5                   Lens flare effects setting (also affects loot drop icons). 0 = All enabled, 1 = Disables lens flares only, leaves loot drop icons, 2 = Disables all
F6                   Disables water drops on screen, but also disables some clouds/volumetric mist and ability effects (eg. Ranger's Spark Beam). Useful when
                       clouds/mist appears at screen depth.
F7                   Changes between disabling certain shaders for the sniper scope to make the screen less intrusive. 0 = none disabled, 1 = outer parts disabled,
                       but scope lines still intact, 2 = nearly everything disabled except for the dot in the middle

Tools Used / Credits

3DMigoto v1.3.14   -   bo3b, DarkStarSword, Chiri, and all other contributors
Frostbite 3 Universal Fix   -   DHR, DarkStarSword, Helifax


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-Please also consider the work put into the tools used, and provide appropriate thanks and compensation to those that have made this fix possible


  1. I agree wholly on your Anthem take. For us 3D players, it's worth your time because of the graphics, animation and sound (turn up the bass).... It's special effects galore. Great job with the fix. Thanks for being awesome.

  2. This was a great fix and I only got to enjoy it for a couple days before the latest game optimization patch broke it (as to be expected). Thanks for the hard work, as always!

    1. Probably won't help for Anthem, but in Origin you can set it to not automatically update any games. This is best for us as 3D players.

  3. it work just fine still..perhaps u forgot ure 3d driver settings on a reinstall. like high Q textures etc..not using HQ textures will break 3d for a lot of stuff,,,

  4. Just started playing - Either the fix or the combination of latest Nvidia drivers and 3D legacy drivers seems to be crashing the game. It's a pity

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Not really. Try reinstalling your graphics driver. Good luck!

    2. Just tested this again, and it was working fine on my system. Win10 1903, Driver 425.31.

      Crash must be something wrong with your system.