Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Need for Speed: Heat

Normally I'd take this moment to write up a nice little promo for the game I've just fixed, but in this case I've got some seriously mixed feelings about this game, and have lost my enthusiasm for even making a proper post here. For starters, I absolutely hate working with this engine, despite DHR's universal fix existing to fix a lot of the issues, the remaining issues are beyond a headache and a hassle to track down and fix, and after losing countless hours trying and having standard tools and techniques fail I eventually became resigned to not caring about fixing what's left. Secondly a lot of the game's, shall we say, "charisma" rubs me the wrong way. On the positive side of things, the actual gameplay itself is pretty decent. If I wasn't so annoyed and jaded (and perhaps the soundtrack was more to my liking) I could see myself enjoying this quite a bit, so hopefully some of you will enjoy it more in my stead.

3D Fix Summary

Game Engine: Frostbyte 3 *puke*

Fixed Issues:

  • Stuff

User Interface Features:

  • Cyclable HUD depth

Not Fixed/Remaining Issues:

  • Screenspace reflections aren't at proper depth
  • Lighting reflections on the road are pretty busted


    1. Download fix: NFS Heat 3D Fix v1.0

    2. Extract fix contents to: folder where NeedForSpeedHeat.exe exists

    3.  The following keybindings have been set up:

        Key                          Effect        
        F1                    Disables HUD
        F2                    Cycles through HUD depth settings
        F3                    Enables or disables the bloom on car headlights. Default is enabled
        F4                    Enables or disables the lens flares/lens effects. Default is enabled
        F5                    Enables or disables the rain droplets on the screen effect. Default is enabled
        F6                    Enables or disables some of the broken lighting reflections on the road. Default is enabled

    Tools used and special credits

    -3DMigoto v1.3.16 by 3DMigoto development team
    -Frostbyte 3 Universal Fix (donations can go to:


    -Like my work and wish to show appreciation and provide funding towards future game fixes? Dontations can be sent by visiting: or by sending to


    1. Nobody asked for your opinions so stop giving them, or better yet, stop working with Frostbite.

      1. What opinions? You mean that I think that modern rap music (that you probably LOVE hence this reaction) is utter and complete, talentless garbage, and that the characters in this game act like total millenial douchebags, which you may or may not fit the same description. Those ones? Ok sure, I'll get right to keeping those to myself. :P

        As for stop working with Frostbite, no arguement there, but I'll gladly do so of my own accord, not because some troll said so.

      2. For all the work you do for the community you can be as opinionated as you want! Thank you for this fix, we don't take it for granted.

      3. Nobody asked for your opinions so stop giving them, better yet, stop looking at needs for speed mods.