Sunday, July 3, 2022

Final Fantasy XIII Dx9 to Dx11 conversion 3d fix W.I.P Helixvision

Nephilims 3D - DX9 to DX11 conversion fix.. 

Hey All,

I, have a fix for Final Fantasy XIII, but wait there is a fix already for FFXIII. Yes there is but this is a new and improved fix. FFXII has been converted from DX9 to DX11.

This was mainly a fix for Helixvision but I believe it will still work with Native 3D vision gear.
Now I have not run through the entire game and things are probally gonna be broke, I will try and run through a little bit to see what is broke if anything..

Right now the 2 things broke are on the main char. Her hair and gun is wierd. I read some older posts on FFXXIII and they stated a profile change or disabling AA may fix it but not sure it this will work with the DX11 Conversion.

Here is the link to the fix and it gets installed in where the EXE is located like always.

Now, there are 2 files in there just ignore the numbered folder unless you are using Helixvision. If you are a Helixvision user read on if just using regular 3D Vision gear DL 3d Fix here:

Updated on July 5, 2022 9:10PM EST


The DL has two files one for the fix and the other is the folder for Helixvison which I will update to make the process a bit easier hopefully.  the file will be located where the fix goes and is a numbered folder, its number is 210.  just put the numbered folder in to where Helixvision is installed in the fixes folder copy the entire 210 folder over or its contents into the 210 folder. Once you put the 210 folder in Helixvision you can restart it and update like normally.
There maybe things still broke and if another shader hacker would like to fix it, have at it, as I can't promise I will fix it all..

If you have any questions Please feel free to comment here.


  1. This fix is not finding the game in Helixvision checking into this issue??

  2. OK Fix is good to go well at least it is working in Helixvision. there maybe some things broke I have not got past the starter area and problly will not go on. I only wanted to see if I could get these DX9 games working with Helixvision and it works now. hopefully too many things are not broke but the Lightnings hair and eyes are broke as is the secondary NPC. if you have any questions about getting it too work with Helixvision please feel free to post here..

  3. well I fixed the main char and secondary char. hopefully the rest is not too broke but it may be and I am not planning on finishing this fix.. I was mainly seeing if this would work for Helixvision.. which it does work now just might be a little broke or alot..