Thursday, July 28, 2022

Project Cars 2 3D fix


3Dfix WIP by DHR, donations to "" dhr.donation At gmail dot com ""

Hey all you GearHeads,

I, am uploading this fix by DHR so all donations to him. Not much to say as I did not do the fix and it is untested by me as I am having an issue with Helixvision and 3D not related to the fix..

So Hopefully this works out the box. If you have any issues but most should be fixed and there are very few things broke from what I heard.

Please feel free to post any concerns to the blog. here is the Download link for the 3D fix:

3D Fix by DHR

Uploaded by The_Nephilim



  1. Thanks so much, man!!!!!!!!

  2. Your Welcome and I was going to test it and try and fix what was broke but the game does not run for me with my 3D setup.. so I am unable to fix the rest but at least what was fixed is now on the blog..