Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tron 2.0 Geo-11 3D fix. DX9 - DX11 dgVooDoo2

 Greetings Programs,

I have a fun fix here that works pretty good out the box. I had ran a mod called Killer 
App Mod for Tron 2.0. I had found it worked well when running the dgVooDoo 2 and in a Katanga window with a Reverb G2 VR Headset.

Now this should work with other 3D solutions but I have only tested the Katanga_VR Mode and a G2 VR Headset. but with it being converted to DX11 it should work on most all solutions I would hope..

But before we get started you can get the Game on Steam I think also GOG.. The Killer App Mod can be found by going to this Guide page on Steam:

The guide on Killer App Mod site cover most of the issues you could run into but I am not going to cover that here, just read the guides and mod website for help. but if you do have a question I will try and help.

Now, All I did was install Tron2.0 then downloaded the patch and then the killer app mod and installed them. I will supply the shortcut I used for Katanga, I use Helixvision so I am not sure if you need that or not to get the Katanga app??

But Helixvision is only like 5bucks and well worth the cost. Not sure if you get 3DFM if that comes with the Unity App Katanga??

But without further ado here is the Katanga Shortcut target line dont forget you may need to purchase Helixvision, and if you put the game into a different location you will need to change the shortcuts Target line to where you installed. here is an example of the target line:

C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\HelixVision\Tools\Katanga\katanga.exe --game-path C:\Program Files (x86)\Buena Vista Interactive\Tron 2.0\Tron.exe --launch-type DX11Exe

So you would insert your Patch and install where Tron 2.0 is like above from here C:\Program Files (x86)...... or if you just want to make your own Shortcut from Bo3b Himself..

Also, here is a link to the dgVooDoo 2 website:

here is a link to the Geo 11 fix which includes dgVooDoo2 if you need to manually install it. I will also include the folder for Helixvision.

here is the Helixvision folder. just put it inside the fixes folder where you installed Steam/Helixvision at:

Well it is a fun game and I am gonna try some MP hope to see you on the inside. if you have any questions let me know..

Donations welcome jlaf2112 AT Gmail Dot Com

Thank you



  1. I try to run it but get Client MFC Application hang when running the game.

  2. I can now get the game to load but it will not do 3d. I am using a 3dvision monitor and have the d3ddxdm set to nvidia_dx11 mode. What am I missing?