Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

A fix by 3d4dd and DarkStarSword

Download the fix:


  • Water
  • Fog & heat distortion effects
  • UI depth adjusted
  • Lens flare


Extract zip file under ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

Note that HeliXmodLauncher.exe is only provided for compatibility with uMod (see below), and is not required otherwise.


  • C: Cycle between three convergence presets
  • V: Hold to set lower convergence for cut scenes
  • F7: Save custom convergence to current convergence preset
  • B: Cycle UI between several presets (pop out, screen depth, inside screen)

Compatibility with uMod

If you wish to use this fix in conjunction with uMod, follow these instructions:

  1. Install this fix
  2. Replace the d3d9.dll with the version from uMod
  3. Run HeliXmodLauncher.exe and leave it running
  4. Run uMod
  5. Disable the global hook method in uMod (main -> uncheck 'Use global hook')
  6. Add the game to uMod (first run only, via main -> Add Game)
  7. Run the game
  8. Alt+tab out of the game and add your mods to uMod as usual


  1. The line is actually in three different files: 28C9FBE7.txt, C4D72D79.txt, and E0E7F85D.txt. I changed mine to -0.25 and got good results!

    Alpha-152 has a "mirror attack" then tends to reflect wrong depending on the angle of the camera but I doubt that's worth fixing.

    1. Are there any cases where the mirror attack looks particularly bad? It might not be completely accurate (not sure it is in 2D either), but it looked ok to me whenever I've tried it.

    2. Ah, you're right, it is wrong in 2D as well. Looks like it's designed to work just from the default camera angle.

  2. Thank You for making a real fix out of my simple hotfix, DarkStarSword!
    Now I can enjoy my "turn-based fighting game" ( ) even better ;)

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  4. I'm using an uMod texture replacement for my TBF mod to make the small triangels better visible that indicate the direction of an attack (high, middle, low). By this way I discovered that uMod v2 interferes with the water refraction fix from DarkStarSword. So I recommend to use uMod v1 instead. If You want uMod v2 You have to use my original hotfix that makes the water non-transparent ( , hotkey "b" toggles different water colors ).

    1. I took a bit of a look at umod today - it causes a conflict with helix mod and stops the fixes from being able to get separation and convergence. You can solve the issue by using the injector version of helix mod instead, which I've included in today's update. Just replace the d3d9.dll with the one from umod, run both HeliXmodLauncher and umod and make sure global hook is disabled before starting the game.

  5. I just pushed out a small update that fixes the lens flare and adds a couple of UI depth presets on the B key.

  6. Another update to fix the flashing part of the health bar on a critical hit - the whole bar flashes now, but that seems fine to me and much better than the alternative.

  7. Just a small update to fix the sun/lens flare depth in the Flow and Sanctuary stages.

  8. i am using sweet fix d3d9.dll,
    ProxyLib = I:\Dead or Alive 5 Last Round\res.dll
    Rename mod's d3d9.dll to res.dll doesn't apply water fix for this game,fix isn't load.

  9. Did I understood correctly that helixmod doesn't help to achieve side-by-side? I was hoping to get this work with a VR display..

    1. That's right, for HelixMod (dx9) games, we don't presently have a way to do SBS. It's only for 3Dmigoto based (dx11) games.

  10. This fix replaces d3d9.dll. It turns out that "Autolink" by Falling Cat also replaces d3d9.dll.
    (Autolink is used to install hundreds of user-community mods for DoA5LR.)
    Is there a way to make a HelixMod version of d3d9.dll which is derived from the Autolink file?
    This would allow us to enjoy all the mods in 3D. The version here does not allow mods to be installed.

    1. Neither Helix Mod nor Autolink are open source, so there is nothing I can do about this conflict just yet* - the whole reason why I intervened in the off-site DOAXVV and DOA6 modding communities was to avoid this same issue happening again in those games with 3DMigoto.

      * However a DirectX9 version of 3DMigoto is in the works, so perhaps when that is ready I might be able to revisit this question.