Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Star Wars: Battlefront(2015)

by Helifax and DHR

The fix has been released for some time now but I forgot to put it on HelixMod.
I am not going to copy-paste it here (Sorry) but you can view it on Geforce 3D Vision Forums here:
Star Wars: Battlefront - 3D Vision


  1. Time to buy the game. Thank you sir.

  2. 3d bad. highly stretched in a tunnel and without the required volume

    1. Did you adjust convergence? The screen shots above do not show what you are describing.

  3. No issues like that for me at max Depth. But occasionally elements will be rendered in 2d on area transition. (same issue as dragonage)

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  6. hello

    thank you for the fix.
    Infortunaly, there is a problem. When i put the depth at 100 %, the depth always "initialize" itself by default (15%)
    at the moment when i try to move in the game using keyboard (in the start of a game).

    how to fix this please ?

  7. I always put the depth amount at 100% in all games without problems.
    For SW battlefront 2015, i mean the problem is about the depth amount which ALWAYS initialize to 15% (default depth amount) if i try to go "Forward". That's strange. I can go in all other directions, the depth amount keeps 100%

  8. I have much Problems with this fix...
    in compartible Mode the 3d is not so "good" because of flat pop outs
    without compartible mode the 3d effect is horrible, many shaders wrong, some things (like rocks) renderd in 2d
    what i hav done wrong?
    I User nvidia 3dtv play at 24hz

  9. I have found the Problem...
    I must start the game without v-sync and reenable it when mission is loaded.
    but every time after that with enabled vsync load a new mission the 3d is wrong.
    but without vsync i get headache, becaus bothy eyes arent syncron.
    the loading times are too so bad up tu 5 miniutes...

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  11. 3D Vision fix + custom made Helifax SW Battlefront profile work great for Need for Speed as well.