Saturday, January 6, 2024

Tales of Arise

3D Vision and geo-11 fix for Tales of Arise. This uses the UE4 universal fix 8.15 as the base (thanks to currently Losti and originally DHR). All graphics options are safe to use.

Update (2024-01-06): updated geo-11 fix to support the Beyond the Dawn DLC expansion. Also fixed some other minor issues and radial blur when triggering battles.
Update (2023-10-25): added geo-11 fix. Autoconvergence enabled by default. Dynamic depth for battle elements where it makes sense. TAA corrections. Fixed motion blur.

Fixed (compared to the universal fix)
- Clouds.
- Lighting.
- Decals.
- Volumetric lighting.
- Screen space reflections.
- Screen space shadows.
- Motion blur.
- Light shafts.
- Radial blur.
- Lighting problems related to special effects and other things.
- Stereoized parallax occlusion mapping.
- Some more realistic specular reflections.
- Temporal anti-aliasing.

- (geo-11, with build v0.6.182): download this file and extract its contents in the "Tales of Arise\Arise\Binaries\Win64" folder, where "Tales of Arise.exe" is. Remember to edit "d3dxdm.ini" to change your "direct_mode" to the output you need. For 3D Vision monitors, only "nvidia_dx11" works (with fullscreen ingame).
- (Older 3D Vision fix, for historic purposes or 2D users): download this file and extract its contents in the "Tales of Arise\Arise\Binaries\Win64" folder, where "Tales of Arise.exe" is.
- Run the game and let it overwrite the Nvidia profile when asked. Make sure you play in exclusive fullscreen in case you use 3D Vision.

Hotkeys (numbers aren't from the numpad)
F5: unlocked screen space reflections toggle. Not used by default. It removes a hard cut in screen reflections height, so you can see some more geometry reflected. Very small impact on GPU usage.
F6: battle vignette toggle. Disabled by default. It removes the vignette effect of the HUD during battle, which I found distracting and too dark.
8: sharpening toggle. Disabled by default. The ARISE-SDK mod has a sharpening option, but it doesn't include characters and NPCs. My key affects everything.
9: chromatic aberration and barrel distortion toggle. Disabled by default. The ARISE-SDK mod has a chromatic aberration disabling option, which does the same as this.
0: cel shading toggle. Not disabled by default.

My custom hotkeys don't save their state this time when pressing F10, and they don't show any OSD message.

- (Currently not compatible with the latest game version as of 2024-01-06) I recommend the ARISE-SDK mod, which lets you improve some effects, resolution of skits and other things. Be careful because even at default settings it will increase CPU usage because of some increased LOD and culling options. Read the "Arise-SDK.ini" file carefully and restore those options. I recommend disabling chromatic aberration and sharpening there, even if I also do it myself with the fix.

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  1. This game is another example of demonstrating how 3D vision makes ordinary games impressive. Now with the latest Lost fix, we got amazing performance, and masterotaku made this fix perfect. Thank you for your work

  2. thank you. I wish i can play with Helixvision instead of using my 55 inch 3d tv. Thanks anyway

    1. Should work in HelixVision if you make a new profile for it. All UE4 games should be compatible. Use hacker-mode and lower left to New a profile. Look at any other UE4 game profile in the list for examples of how to set it up, by using Edit.